BoD Daily Update

Randy Orton’s Attacker Charged with Assault

Tshepo Sekhabi, the 20 year old man who attacked Orton in South Africa, has been charged with assault. He has plead guilty and can pay a fine or spend 30 days in jail. He also has a three-year suspended sentence.

New Episode of “Total Divas” Tonight

The Bella’s going out on a double date highlight tonight’s show

BJ Whitmer Injured on Last Night’s RoH Show in Toronto

Whitmer was injured after taking a piledriver on the apron from Mike Bennett, who failed to protect him. Intially, the entire right side of his body went numb and he was able to get feeling back several minutes later. Mike Johnson from spoke with Whitmer, who wanted to make sure an accurate report of his condition was released, stated that he underwent a series of tests and x-rays showing that he did not have any fractures. He was able to get out of his hospital bed on his own power and walk around this morning. He believes that he has a ruptured disc in his back.

Credit Mike Johnson,