Uncensored 1998

March 15, 1998
Mobile Civic Center, Mobile, Alabama
Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
hasn’t felt like an important show throughout its build and it still
doesn’t as it’s about to start. It’s a double main event with Sting
defending the title against Scott Hall and a far bigger match of
Hogan vs. Savage in a grudge match inside a cage. The rest of the
matches come off as little more than filler. Let’s get to it.

opening video is just shots of the four guys in the main events.
Nothing to see here.
announcers talk about the main events and Tony suggests that Hall
will hand the title to Hogan if he wins it. Heenan: “No one is
stupid enough to hand the world title to Hogan.” Make your own
Title: Eddie Guerrero vs. Booker T
is challenging and has Chavo with him against Chavo’s will. Guerrero
stalls to start until he finally gets backdropped down by Booker. A
side slam puts him down as well and Booker fires off some forearms.
Booker hits a clothesline to send Guerrero to the floor and Chavo
shrugs at his uncle. Back in and Booker kicks Eddie down as this is
one sided so far. Guerrero runs to the floor and tries to walk out
but gets a forearm to the jaw for his efforts.
head back inside and Booker gorilla presses him down but takes too
long going for the Harlem Hangover and gets crotched. Eddie hooks a
superplex but Booker comes right back with some forearms to the head.
He loads up the ax kick but Eddie dropkicks the knee out to take
over. Eddie rolls to the floor to glare at Chavo before going back
in to pull on Booker’s leg.
hold stays on for a LONG time until Eddie gets caught with in the
ropes. Back up and Booker hops on one foot for a bit, allowing
Guerrero to reverse a whip and hit the slingshot hilo onto the bad
leg. Booker rolls to the floor and Eddie goes up top, only to fall
off but land on Booker’s leg anyway. As Ventura said, sometimes it’s
better to be lucky. Back in and Booker hits a quick flapjack and the
ax kick (with the good leg). A spinebuster puts Eddie down but
Booker has to bail out of a missile dropkick. The side kick misses
and Eddie loads up another superplex, only to be shoved off and
missile dropkicked to retain Booker’s title.
C+. The match was good until
Booker just stopped selling the leg at all, which was made even worse
by how leg based his offense is. Eddie was doing some great old
school heel work here with the using the ropes and stalling to rile
up the crowd. This was a good choice for an opener as Booker
continues improving week by week.
smirks a little so Eddie jumps him from behind.
Steiner is chatting on WCW.com. Actually he’s showing off his arms
to Lee Marshall and Mark Madden.
vs. Juventud Guerrera
lost his mask at SuperBrawl and Konnan gave him grief over it,
setting up this match. Konnan is jawing with the crowd and Juvy gets
in a kick to the back to take over. Konnan finally gets his hands on
Guerrera to stop the speed and we go outside with Konnan in control.
Juvy is sent into the steps but he blocks a second attempt to send
Konnan face first. He uses the steps as a springboard to take Konnan
out as Lodi talks trash from the front row.
in and a springboard missile dropkick gets two for Guerrera. Konnan
comes right back by dropping Juvy on the top rope before putting on a
standing leg lock. I’m sure this isn’t just an excuse for Konnan to
stand in one place for a minute and a half. He makes up for it with
a wicked release German suplex for two before catapulting Juvy into
the corner. Guerrera is thrown across the ring again and Konnan puts
on a Boston Crab while also lifting Juvy up by the arms and rocking
him back and forth.
hold looks great but Konnan drops Juvy on his head in a very scary
landing. Juventud goes to the floor to remember what planet he’s on
as the match just stops. Back in and Konnan picks him up in a
fireman’s carry but bends Juvy around the neck in a kind of reverse
torture rack.
loads up a belly to back superplex but Juvy flips out and gets Konnan
in the Tree of Woe for some rapid fire kicks. Guerrera tries a
rolling cradle but gets caught in a wheelbarrow suplex for two. A
powerbomb is countered into a facejam on Konnan but the 450 hits mat.
Konnan’s 187 cradle DDT gets two and a modified Samoan drop gets a
cocky cover for two, allowing Juvy to roll him up for the surprise
C-. This was very slow at times
but given the injury to Guerrera halfway through it came out better
than expected. The ending was perfect as Juvy’s motto was never
surrender and he hung in long enough to steal a pin. Konnan could go
when he wanted to and he showed off some strength here in a decent
lays out Juvy with another 187 before throwing him over the top.
Dillon makes the powerbomb legal for Nash vs. Giant but it’s one
night only.
Title: Dean Malenko vs. Chris Jericho
is defending and has been frustrating Dean for months on end. He
takes a long time removing the belt here and insists on being called
Mr. 1004. Malenko easily takes him to the mat with a drop toehold
but doesn’t follow up. Off to a wristlock on the champion but again
Dean lets him go. Malenko takes him down with an armbar into a
hammerlock before he runs Jericho over with a shoulder.
up and they run the ropes a bit until Jericho hits a quick enziguri.
He loads up a springboard cross body but Malenko ducks to send the
champion to the floor. Jericho starts walking out but eventually
comes back and catches a leapfrog into a spinebuster. The arrogant
cover gets two and a suplex gets the same before we hit the chinlock.
That goes nowhere so Jericho hits the Lionsault for two. As
frustration starts to set in, Jericho hits a backbreaker and bends
Malenko over his knee.
gets up and wakes up off a chop before firing off a series of
forearms and headbutts. A belly to back suplex gets two but Jericho
pops up and hits a senton backsplash for two. Jericho hits a running
dropkick in the corner but Dean blocks a suplex into one of his own,
only to be countered into a reverse suplex from the champion. Dean
bails to the ropes to escape the Liontamer and gets some quick
rollups for two.
kicks him off the apron but quickly brings it back inside. A belly
to back superplex is countered into a crossbody for two for Dean and
Jericho is getting frustrated. Malenko dives to the ropes to get out
of the Liontamer again before countering a top rope hurricanrana into
the gutbuster for two. Dean tries the leg lariat but gets caught in
the Liontamer for the surprising submission.
B. This was the good match you
would expect these two to have with fifteen minutes. Jericho won
clean here with a counter into a wrestling hold which makes him look
all the more dominant. It was a surprise to see Dean tap out but it
gave him a reason to need redemption which is the more interesting
match Gene comes into the ring as Malenko is clearly shaken up. He
rips Dean apart, talking about how Malenko should have won this match
and is 0-4 in his last PPV matches. “You are a bonafied loser!”
Malenko says he’s going home.
says revenge will be served cold tonight.
Luger vs. Scott Steiner
jumps Luger as he comes in and pounds away. He suplexes Luger down
and sends him to the outside to make sure this doesn’t get
interesting. Luger is sent into the barricade but suplexes Steiner
off the apron to the outside. Steiner goes over the barricade before
going back inside for the standard Luger offense. A low blow breaks
up the Rack and there’s the Recliner (just a chinlock as he doesn’t
have the arms pulled back) but Luger is in the ropes. Steiner gets a
chair but his brother comes down the aisle. The distraction lets
Luger hit Scott in the back for the pin.
D-. Steiner is running from his
brother, is yet another lackey in the NWO, had issues against Johnny
Grunge on Thunder and now loses his first prominent match to a
forearm to the back in less than four minutes. Is it any wonder why
it took him another year to get over? The match was junk as Luger
continues to spiral into nothing.
Norton comes out and gets beaten up by Rick, setting up the showdown
of the brothers. Scott swings the chair but Rick backdrops him out
to the floor.
Title: Diamond Dallas Page vs. Raven vs. Chris Benoit
is No DQ and falls count anywhere. Page is defending after invading
the Benoit vs. Raven feud. It’s a triple lockup to start and now
everyone stands around. Another triple lockup brings everyone out to
the floor. Page is sent into the steps and the challengers fight in
the ring with Benoit getting two off an elbow. Benoit stomps him
down in the corner but Page comes back in to break it up. Raven and
Benoit head back to the floor so DDP can hit a big dive to take them
both out.
in again with Chris taking over and hitting a top rope splash for two
on Raven. Page and Benoit slug it out to the floor but Raven dives
over the top to take them both out for two on each. Page sends
Benoit into the barricade but Raven charges into both of them again.
Raven is whipped into the barricade and it’s Page vs. Benoit for a
bit. Raven goes up by the set and comes back with a garbage can but
Benoit puts it over Raven’s head so the other guys can beat on it
with crutches. Benoit takes over with a crutch shot to Page’s back
as they’re up by the entrance.
trashcan to Page’s bad ribs has him in trouble and a suplex on the
ramp has the ribs in even more trouble. Benoit and Raven team up for
a few seconds to send Page through an Uncensored sign. Chris pulls
out a kitchen sink of all things to hit Raven in the head but Raven
throws a table at his head. Raven comes back with a velvet rope to
choke Benoit but Chris whips Raven through the table. Page is still
down as the other guys head back to the ring.
chokes Raven with the velvet rope but Raven hits him low to change
momentum again. Now it’s chair time but it’s Raven taking the drop
toehold into the metal. Page is slowly crawling back to the ring as
Benoit whips Raven into a chair in the corner to send him to the
floor. Back in and Benoit puts on a sleeper but Page comes in to put
one on Benoit at the same time.
hits a jawbreaker to put everyone down. Why Benoit’s leg being on
Page isn’t a cover I’m not sure. Chris gets up and rolls the Germans
on Raven but Page gets up to German suplex both guys at the same
time. The challengers both knock Page down and Lodi hands in a stop
sign to crack Page in the head. Now it’s a table as Benoit stands
around. Raven puts Page on the table but Benoit cracks Raven in the
head with the sign. Benoit takes Raven to the top for a superplex
through Page through the table but Page knocks Benoit to the floor
and Diamond Cuts Raven “though” the table to retain.
A-. This was a wild brawl
before the wild brawl became the norm in wrestling. Benoit and Raven
did most of the work here as Page laid up by the sign but that’s to
be expected. The match was fun though and was exactly what it was
supposed to be: a big ECW style battle (with a bunch of ECW spots) on
a mainstream stage.
announcers talk for a bit.
Nash vs. The Giant
powerbomb is legal for this match. Giant is finally in wrestling
gear again but still has the neck brace. They pose at each other to
start before Nash does some kung fu. Kevin actually grabs a headlock
but gets clotheslined down with ease. They fight to the floor with
Giant being sent into the post as we continue to do nothing of note.
We’re three minutes into the match and Nash finally hits some elbows
to the neck to pick things up a bit.
does his foot choke in the corner and puts on a sleeper. After
wasting some time with the hold it’s a running crotch attack to
Giant’s back. There goes the neck brace but another crotch attack is
countered with a low blow. Giant fights up and shoves Nash down
before loading up the powerbomb….and Brian Adams comes in for the
F. To recap: Nash no shows
Starrcade, nearly cripples Giant at Souled Out, and STILL won’t do
the job here. His upcoming reward? His own stable to fight the NWO
while becoming one of the top faces in the company. It’s amazing how
ridiculous this stuff is becoming and it’s only March of 1998. The
match was horrible too with neither guy moving above a snail’s pace.
NWO C team comes in for the beatdown but Giant fights them off and
cleans house. Nash of course gets to hit Giant in the back with a
ball bat but Giant gets up. No damage to Big Kev of course.
the Hotline!
Hennig vs. Bret Hart
out process to start with neither guy doing much in the opening few
minutes. Bret grabs a headlock and takes it to the mat. After
nearly two minutes in the headlock Hennig is thrown to the floor for
a council with Rude. Back in and Bret gets a quick Sharpshooter but
Rude comes in for the unseen save. The Robinsdale Crunch starts the
leg work on Bret’s knee and it immediately goes into slow gear.
Hennig cannonballs down onto the leg and wraps it around the post a
few times. Rude gets in a wrap around as well as the fans aren’t
interested at all.
we’re six minutes into this and I haven’t left out a single bit of
“action”. Hennig whips him across the ring by the hair and puts
on a figure four and Rude cheats a bit. Bret makes the ropes but
gets hit low to slow him down again. Back to another leg lock to
waste more time before Hennig is thrown into his crotch against the
post spot. Bret gets two off a bulldog to set up the Five Moves of
Doom but Hennig sends him chest first into the buckle. The
PerfectPlex gets two and they trade rollups for two. Hennig tries a
sunset flip but Bret rolls through into the Sharpshooter for the
D. Take ten minutes off this
and it’s a great match. The problem is it’s not even fourteen
minutes long. It was clear that neither guy was interested in doing
much until the very last bit. Those two minutes or so were better
but the rest was WAY too dull to sit through. Bret didn’t care at
all and it appears to be mutual from WCW.
destroys Bret post match with the Rude Awakening and some chair
World Title: Scott Hall vs. Sting
no recap due to there being nothing in this story to recap. Hall won
a battle royal four months ago and Sting hasn’t had a big defense
yet. Dusty is in Hall’s corner to keep that idea going a little
while longer. Sting easily slugs Hall down to start and it’s time
for a breather. Back in and Hall fires off the driving shoulders but
gets punched to the corner. A hiptoss is countered and Hall
chokeslams him down but stops to mock the Giant.
comes right back with some right hands and Hall is knocked to the
floor again. The champion goes out to get him but a trip from Dusty
is enough to let Hall take over with a clothesline. Back in and the
discus punch puts Sting down and the fallaway slam gets two. Sting
comes back with a right hand and the falling low blow spot.
both guys down, Hall distracts the referee so Dusty can hit the
Bionic Elbow. Sting starts no selling punches and hits the Stinger
Splash but a Dusty distraction leads to a ref bump. Some brass
knuckles get two for Hall but the Outsider’s Edge is countered into
the Death Drop to retain Sting’s title.
D. Hall was given no chance
coming into this match and had no chance in the match. This could
have been a decent Nitro main event but it has no business as the co
main event of a pay per view. It felt like a modern World
Heavyweight Championship match as we were just waiting for the real
main event. The match was basic stuff but not very interesting.
cage is lowered.
Hogan vs. Randy Savage
pounds away in the corner to start and chokes Savage on the mat. The
big boot gets two as the fans think Hogan sucks. Hogan chokes even
more as this is already boring me to death. Savage comes back with
left hands before choking Hogan with I think tape. Hogan whips him
with the weightlifting belt but Savage avoids the legdrop. Now it’s
Savage with the belt before sending Hogan into the steel so hard that
the cage is afraid to move.
goes into the cage again as the fans are almost silent. Savage is
backdropped into the cage and slides down in a nice visual. Back to
whipping with the belt before Hollywood gets two off a belly to back
suplex. Savage is rammed head first into the cage a few times for
two as this continues to be horrible.
for a change of pace, let’s go to the floor to make the cage entirely
pointless. Also, let’s make sure to keep the cage in between the
camera and the wrestlers so we can barely see anything. They head
back inside and Savage sends him into the steal before popping up.
Apparently they’re both bleeding but we’re on a wide shot so it’s
almost impossible to see.
goes up top for a double ax from the edge of the cage for two. It’s
elbow time but Disciple runs out to break in and pull Hogan away.
Savage is on top of the cage and begs Savage to jump but Savage
climbs down instead. Sting repels down and we get a ridiculously
long staredown, as Hogan and Sting look at each other for well over a
minute….and Savage turns on Sting. Hogan doesn’t know what’s going
on as Savage leaves to end the show. The match is a no contest
because that’s how you end a pay per view.
F. Hall and Sting are off the
hook now for their bad match. Their match was bad, but this was a
full on embarrassment. Hogan and Savage moved like 85 year olds out
there with the “violent” parts looking more like kids mimicking
wrestling moves. So after somehow looking like geriatrics and
children, the ending didn’t exist and the post match (I think?) stuff
makes little to no sense. Such is life in WCW.
C. The divide on this
show really is distinct. The first half of this show (bad four
minute Luger vs. Steiner match aside) is really solid stuff with a
great three way and some other good to very good stuff in the
midcard. After the three way it’s all downhill though as the wheels
come off again. The main event gets a huge amount of the blame here
as it’s not only long but horrible. Hart’s match was long but just
boring and the title match wasn’t all that bad. The main event was
one of the worst matches I’ve ever seen and didn’t even make sense.
The whole show isn’t terrible but stop before the cage match.
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