John Cena, S on his chest?

 YankeesHoganTripleHFan sent in a question regarding Cena as the true Superman.

The John Cena question about where he ranks all time got me to
thinking…I may actually be the only wrestling fan out there that is
pretty much indifferent to Cena. Don’t love him, don’t hate him. But
where you have to give in credit is this…

     After the deaths
of Guerrero and especially Beniot the WWE’s image was in shambles. I
was viewing from afar from that point and I really thought the company
might die. As the face of the company it was largely on Cena’s
shoulder’s to try and repair that image being it with his on screen
character or his work with Make a Wish, and the Troops or whatever. And
guess what? To a large degree it’s succeeded. I don’t hear a lot of
negative stories about the WWE anymore. They are featured on sites
Grantland,, and Bleacher Report in a mostly positive light.
When they had Wrestlemania at Giant Stadium, (I refuse to call it that
other name,) the biggest NJ paper had articles in the sports section all
week leading up to the event, again mostly positive.  Hell the Governor
did the voice over for the intro. Like him or not I really think that
Cena had a lot to do with that. What say you?

Well, I think a lot of WWE no longer receiving negative press is because they’re strictly PG. If you don’t include the death of wrestlers, then the only reason the WWE received any negative press in the last 15 years is because of the “envelope pushing” that they were doing. Of course, having Cena has a figure head for this whole era is an important thing. A franchise has to have it’s break-out star. Happy Days wouldn’t have survived without The Fonz, X-Men the film series wouldn’t have been as popular without Wolverine, and The Big Bang Theory wouldn’t be so popular without it’s pathetic writing & canned laughter.

For the record, I love Cena. Sure, his character is a bore, but I could careless. I don’t watch Raw or Smackdown, so the only exposure I have to Cena are when he goes out and has consistent ***+ matches with just about everyone he steps in the ring with. Plus he’s a true genetic freak in the weight room, and that’s a quick way to my respect.