QOTD – July 31st, 2013


Today our question comes from the man who shall inherit the Earth, Mr. Paul Meekin.

Caliber my man! Here is a question of the day!
you ever seen a trailer for a sequel, adaptation, or spin-off of a
series, and got excited it for it despite not liking it’s source
Case and point I saw the Amazing Spider-man 2 trailer, and loved it, despite hating the first film with a passion.

 I loved the first one. I thought it was a lot of fun and they really nailed the character of Spider-Man.

I hated Batman Begins when I first saw it [I’ve lightened up on it over the years] but was very excited for The Dark Knight once I saw the trailer, which was mostly due in part to Ledger’s Joker, of course.

How say you?

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