Best heel ever

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Scott, was listening to "The Place To Be" podcast about WWE 98 and it got me thinking, is Vince McMahon the greatest heel ever?  I went back and watched some of his older stuff and the heat he was getting was fucking NUCLEAR.  He also cut some superb promos and was just always locked in it seems like.  The freaking Patterson and Brisco stuff was fantastic and just topped it off.  I know he didn't wrestle and got a lot of TV time but I can't think of a hotter heel then maybe Hollywood Rock or vintage Flair, but I'd still argue Vince was a hotter heel. Thoughts?

Also, don't know if you ever heard it but Kevin Kelly tells a GREAT story about Vince shitting himself on the way to the ring to cut a promo, having no choice but to stand there with shit dripping down his leg in front of a live crown until the TV segment ended, and then placing his shit soaked underwear on a camera pole in the back and chasing Patterson around with it.

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I don't think there's any doubt that he's the best of all time.  Austin didn't draw millions of dollars alone, and Vince is still milking that character today for huge returns.