Time of death?

The bad news keeps piling on for TNA, and I really am curious as to what your thoughts are for the survivability of the company.  Are these really necessary measures which are going to sustain TNA, or the last desperate attempts of a dying company to stay afloat for a tiny bit longer?


ah, their survival is 100% dependent on Spike and Panda and nothing else.  They could die tomorrow at the whim of both companies, but Spike keeps them around for solid ratings in that timeslot and Panda presumably uses them as a tax writeoff.  The question is how MUCH money can the company lose before Panda no longer finds them useful as a plaything, which is probably why Dixie is doing the desperate cost cutting to remain an attractive loss leader instead of a giant albatross ala WCW 2000.  If they're content with giant losses, TNA will be around forever.  If not, they'll be shut down next week.  No way to call it otherwise.