QOTD – July 25th, 2013


Today we’re gonna double-stack the QOTD, to give you, the people, a treat.

First question comes from White Thunder, and he wants know about Stone Cold:

“White Thunder here, The discussion about wrestlers fitting into different eras really got me thinking about Stone Cold. What is his shelf life at this point? Is there still a window for Austin to come back and have one more match? Would he have to have a short run (similar to Jericho) to get back over first? Personally I felt the perfect opportunity would of been against CM Punk around the time of Wrestlemania 27 or during the SES phase. Evidently this never came to fruition even though it appeared that Punk wanted a match badly. I feel the window is closing very rapidly, what do you think?”

Honestly, I think Stone Cold’s shelf-life is infinite. There will never be a wrestling fan who doesn’t know who he is. He’s in a constant state of being over, and could head-line any PPV without anyone batting an eye.

Punk could always go back to the SES thing, and I definetly think that would be the best way to go about it. Punk simply doing his “I’m the best in the World, I want respect, I’ll beat you to get it” is fine, but not nearly as great as Punk getting on Stone Cold for his drinking and such. I honestly think the feud would be hotter than Cena vs Rock.

The second question comes from Monte:

“What was the best interview segment of all time?

The Brother Love Show? Piper’s Pit? The Funeral Parlor? The Heartbreak Hotel? One of the many, many others?”

I have to give it to the Highlight Reel. Jericho was always entertaining, and it had some pretty big moments; John Cena to Raw, bashing Shawn’s face into the Jeritron. I’m of course being bias because Jericho is my all time favorite, but that’s what being a wrestling fan is all about; being bias.

How say you?