Possible Orton cash-in on Bryan

"And then if Orton screws him out of the belt immediately afterwards, all the better.  " Recently, while discussing the possibility of Orton's cash-in on Bryan, you said you believed WWE would go all the way with Bryan's push, cause they know they need a top guy. You even mentioned they want to put him at Punk's level. However, I'd like you to clarify, why do you think Orton screwing him over can help?

With the fans now completely on Bryan's side, fueled by VKM antics, shouldn't be the time to do the opposite? To give him a solid title reign with the WWE title, like they did with Punk? (of course I don't think they'll give a 400 days type of reign to Bryan, but you get my point)

I'd like you to clarify this, thank you!


ecause that's actual "We want this person to get his revenge on this other person" heat instead of their usual "go away heat" or token boos or "cool heel" heat where people actually like the character.  Just like Dolph got screwed out of the World title and now people actually WANT to see him chase the belt again and get his revenge.  It'll be all the more amplified because Bryan worked SO hard to get this far and he's such an underdog story and people are gonna be PISSED at Orton for unjustly stealing the belt from him and killing his title reign.  That's the heel turn they've been putting off for so long now and that's a real thing that people can relate to.  Bryan can always win it for real in a couple of months like Punk did, but honestly it's just as important to cement Orton as a top heel who people can HATE as it is making Bryan a top babyface, and really this accomplishes both things in one shot.