BoD Daily Update

Vincente Amorim Named Director for the Chris Benoit Film, “Crossface.”

His credits include “Good,” starting Viggo Mortensen and “The Middle of the World.”

WWE re-issuing the Purple Macho Man Randy Savage T-Shirt

I have to admit, I always loved this shirt. It goes for $19.99,default,pd.html

NXT Diva Paige Upsets WWE Officials with her Immaturity

Today on “Wrestling Observer Radio,” Dave Meltzer answered an e-mail in which the writer asked him about his comment this Saturday about Paige not getting called up to the main roster anytime soon. Meltzer hinted that she did something to upset those in power but then followed up by saying WWE does not really want anyone under 21 on the main roster so they do not have to worry about underage drinking.  Paige is just 20 years old but it seems that she has not made a good impression with her behaviors outside of the ring

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Radio

Alberto Del Rio’s Brother Released from Developmental

Alberto’s brother,, who went by the ring name Memo Montenegro, has been released from the company this weekend. He was signed to a developmental deal last year after he was trained by Pablo Marquez.

TNA Releases Jesse Sorensen

This just happened, according to Sorensen’s Twitter account. He had been working in production as he was healing from his broken neck.