When did the hate begin?

Hey Scott,

I've been going through your old rants(courtesy of http://www.freewebs.com/wrestlinglists/archives.htm) and I wanted to ask just when was it that your dislike of Triple H really began. You seemed like a fan during his run in 2000 and not a lot of hate came through in your 2001 rants. But when he returned, almost immediately, I did sense a lot more hatred towards him. I wasn't reading your rants at the time so maybe there was hatred that just wasn't really covered in your rants. So what was it that turned you against Triple H by the time he returned in 2002?

Probably when he started banging Stephanie for realz and came back with an additional 50 pounds of water weight.  Then put himself over Jericho at Wrestlemania and every other show from then on.  Although really I absolutely hated the initial push to the main event in 99 when he clearly wasn't on that level but FUCK YOU he was going to get that belt whether any human being in the arena liked it or not.  The period where I really loved him basically ran from the shotgun wedding until the quad injury, and everything else has been tolerating him at best.  This of course is separate from him having awesome matches, much like with classic Shawn Michaels where I detested the person but loved to watch the performance most of the time.  However, HHH seemed to confuse having awesome matches SOME of the time with the ability to have awesome matches ALL of the time, with any opponent or situation, and that is of course decidedly not so.