Sunday Matinee – July 21st, 2013


Alright, on today’s Matinee I’d like to talk about what film you were most excited about coming out.

There have been quite a few in my life. Rambo 4, Rocky Balboa, and Punisher: War Zone.

Two films tie at number one. First up, Expendables 2, because I was so insanely excited to finally see Van Damme back on the big screen. My anticipation was rewarded with the film being fantastic, and Van Damme getting a ton of praise for his performance. Praise he’s been deserving since Double Impact. The other, well, it was in the making for 10 years. Freddy vs Jason. Since I was a child I was looking forward to this film. I had a babysitter who dug both series and would draw pictures for me of them fighting. Then when I saw Jason Goes To Hell they had the greatest final scene ever with Freddy’s glove. It stayed in developmental hell for 10 years, with just as many script drafts. Then it finally happened. I went to the first showing in my town and just couldn’t believe what I was about to see. Not to mention they did a hell of a job on the film, Kane Hodder not being involved and the Freeberg character not-withstanding. It’s great to look forward to something so much, and have it be rewarded.

How say you?