McMahons and Daniel Bryan

Hey Scott, I'd like your opinion on a segment that happened last night on Raw. Before John Cena announced Daniel Bryan as his opponent, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Brad Maddox had a segment backstage, where Triple H and Steph made comments regarding Vince's reaction at the possible pick Cena could do. 

Do you think those comments hurt Daniel Bryan in any way? Not with the fans of course, cause he's super over regardless, but do you think they should say that of a top guy, contender for the title and main-eventer of the second most important ppv of the year? What do you think is gonna be the follow up of all this? thank you!

Bryan is gonna continue raging against the machine, beat John Cena for the WWE title with a small package in a 30 minute classic, and then Orton's gonna crush everyone's spirits and cash on him before he can even celebrate his title reign to turn heel and finally get his revenge on Bryan.  It's actually pretty logical booking given how they did MiTB and the buildup to it.  Orton can be Vince's "corporate champion" and Bryan can be HHH's plucky underdog and there's your feud.