NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #51

July 2, 2003

Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

The show starts with Shane Douglas in the ring, wearing a Raven T-Shirt, which is set up for a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match. He says that Raven is doing just fine in the hospital after being hit with a fireball. Douglas goes on how Raven is trying to resuurect the NWA Title that he threw away in 1994, which makes no sense because Raven has not held that belt before. He also said he will be in the asylum next week and promises to send him back into the ICU. Douglas yells at the ref to ring the bell because Raven is not here tonight and he doesn’t feel like fighting. All of a sudden, CM Punk runs in and the bell rings.


Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match
Shane Douglas vs. CM Punk
Punk beats on Douglas then holds a chair behind his back and hits a Northern Lights suplex. They trade chops but Punk gets a backdrop then superkicks him out of the ring. Punk nearly kills himself with a tope then rams Douglas against a barrel. They brawl outside then Douglas hits Punk with a trashcan in midair. Douglas uses a tennis racket on Punk as the crowd chants for Raven. Douglas looks a bit better than last week, anyway. Punk comes back with a jawbreaker then grabs a chair while on the top rope and uses it on Douglas. Punk gets two off a chop. Backbreaker gets two. Douglas lifts him in the air and uses a low blow. He takes brass knux from his boot but Punk whacks him with a chair. Douglas finally uses the knux and hits Punk with the belly-to-belly for the win (5:58) ½*. After the match, Mitchell comes out and he hits Punk with a fireball. The Gathering run out to check on Punk.
Thoughts: Punk looked alright but Douglas remains in poor shape. The angle with Punk mimmicking Raven isnt really going anywhere right now, to be honest. The crowd remains interested in Douglas. 
Jeff Jarrett comes out as the ring crew is taking down the weapons from the previous match. After he enters, Vince Russo comes out with a folding chair and a soda. He places it on the ramp and tells Jarrett that the 4th of July is in two days and asks why he is stressed. He mocks Jarrett, sounding like Foghorn Leghorn, and tells there will not be a rematch. Russo says that he is not in the same league as AJ and that he sucks. Jarrett tells Russo that this is total nonstop action then runs down and clotheslines Russo out of his chair. A man in street clothes runs out and attacks Jarrett and he is revealed to be Joe Legend, the former Just Joe in the WWF. Tenay says he has wins over Edge, Christian, and Rhyno. Those wins were in the Canadian Independents by the way. Anyway, they brawl through the crowd then make their way to the ring. In the ring, Legend misses a guillotine leg drop and Jarrett puts him in the figure four but AJ Styles runs out and attacks Jarrett. Its two on one against Jarrett as this has been going for far too long. Legend tapes Jarrett against the ropes as Russo hits Jarrett with a baseball bat then introduces him to Legend, who also hits Jarrett with the bat. Officials check on Jarrett, who is spitting up blood. On commentary, they are selling that Jarrett might have internal injuries. This segment was nearly fifteen minutes and no one was buying, or even caring about Jarrett’s injuries.
A video package on last week’s cage match between AMW and XXX. Tenay refers to it as a match of the year candidate. This was an awesome video package.
Tag-Title Match
Sonny Siaki & David Young vs. America’s Most Wanted (Champions)
Harris and Siaki start things out. After trading off basic moves, Harris grabs a side headlock then they take it to the mat. They trade crossbody blocks before Harris goes to work on the arm. Storm tags and they double-team Siaki. Young tags and Storm hits a clothesline and an Alabama Slam. Young gets double-teamed but Siaki distracts the ref then attacks Storm as Harris was talking to the ref. Siaki tags and gets two off a snap suplex. Young tags but Storm catches him with a powerslam as the crowd starts chanting for Storm. Harris tags and runs wild. He hits Young with the Catatonic but Siaki breaks that up and they all take turns hitting their finishers. Storm catches Young with a superkick and Siaki is sent to the floor as AMW sets up Young for the Death Sentence and the win (8:54) *3/4.
Thoughts: This match didnt click for some reason. It wasnt bad but completely forgettable and the beginning was wrestled very slowly.  
A video package on Elix Skipper airs. Tenay calls him the most improved wrestler over the past year. Looks like they are gearing him up for a singles push.
Kash is yelling at the “big scary dude” in the cage. He asks if he got his care package and said that he has a name for him, Abyss, as he likes to hang around in dark places. Watts attacks Kash from behind and handcuffs Kash to the cage door.
Abyss vs. Erik Watts
Both men brawl down the ramp, with Watts getting the advantage. Abyss drops Watts throat first on the guardrail and tosses him in the ring. Tenay says that Goldylocks is not here today and hints she might not be back at all. He has Watts in the Torture Rack then drops him down. He chokes out Watts with his foot as the crowd is silent. He hits a backbreaker but misses a corner charge as both men are down. Watts hits a bicycle kick then gets a slam for two. Chokeslam gets two. Watts stops short of the ref then Abyss splashes the ref in the corner by accident. Kash comes out and pulls Watts off the apron. He rolls him back in the ring as Abyss goes up top. Watts gets up and powerbombs him but only gets two. Kash tries a rana but Watts powerbombs him. Abyss then gets up and catches Watts with a swinging side slam for the win (6:24) ½*. Abyss leaves, carrying out Kash over his shoulders.
Thoughts: Not that bad, for a Watts match anyway, but there wasnt a whole lot to it and they didnt exactly make Abyss look like a monster here.  
Tenay conducts an interview with Sting. He said that growing up in Southern California, there was no wrestling on TV to watch, thus never dreamt of being a pro wrestler. Said he gave up his job as a gym manager to join a wrestling school. He was going broke then sent out a hundred photos, with Jim Hellwig, to wrestling promoters and other agencies. He said the only person to call him back was Jerry Jarrett and went there Thanksgiving Day 1985. He says he wants to give back and will never forget Jarrett for calling him back. He is asked about the Ultimate Warrior and calls him very bizarre as part two will air next week. Not a bad interview and it seems like Sting is going to be around TNA for a little while based on his answers.
Tenay updates us on the condition of Jarrett. They show us a replay of the baseball bat shots and says that he has internal injuries and will update us as the show continues.
Video package on the Justin Credible/Jerry Lynn feud.
Russian Chain Match
Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn
Lynn attacks Credible before the ref can lock on the chain and puts it on Credible himself. He beats the shit out of Credible and they go outside, Lynn yanks the chain and sends Credible into the post twice. Credible takes control for a moment but Lynn chokes him out with the chain. Credible is busted open and manages to hit an inverted DDT. He flapjacks Lynn then yanks him by the chain in midair. Lynn gets tossed over the ropes but floats over on a suplex attempt and uses the chain to assist him with a neckbreaker. He punches away but ends up walking into a superkick. The announcers make up an excuse for the dead crowd as Lynn ends up tying the chain around Credible and ends up getting the pin (7:07) **1/4. After the match, Credible hits Lynn with a tombstone then Lollipop runs out of the dancers cage and checks on Lynn.
Thoughts: Seeing as they were attached by the necks, it technically was a Dog Collar Match. It was decent but this feud has no end in sight and it isnt particularly interesting.
Frankie Kazarian is with Bill Behrens, asking for a shot at the X Division style. AJ Styles walks up and congratulates him on his last match week then pretends he is too good for the X Division and offers him a shot at his title. And just like that, a title match as been made.  
Mike Sanders vs. Shark Boy
This goes back to last week in which Gilbertti wanted Sanders to bring him the Shark Boy mask. He clotheslines Shark Boy in the corner then goes for the mask. Shark Boy fights back and gets a Russian leg sweep. He then hits a pair of dropkicks and works the arm. Sanders takes control and looks slower than usual tonight. He hits a facebreaker then a neckbreaker and goes for the mask but Shark Boy hits a jawbreaker. Neckbreaker gets two. Mounted punches in the corner is followed by biting. Sanders rolls through a crossbody and gets two. Shark Boy goes for the DSD but gets yanked off. Sanders goes for the mask but Shark Boy gets a small package for the win (4:04) ¼*. The Harris Brothers run out but Shark Boy manages to escape. After that, the Harris Brothers turn on Sanders and hit him with an H Bomb.
Thoughts: Bad match. Sanders was terrible this week and no one cares about this feud, which says a lot because the Asylum crowd likes Sahrk Boy a lot. There is no use for Sanders, or even the Harris Brothers for that matter, in this company. 
Up next, is a segment with BG James, Ron Killings, and Konnan called the “Asylum of Style.” They show slides of various people in TNA then comment on them, like those E! red arpet shows. Konnan says that Borash as “The Something About Mary” hair gel and that Russo is the son of Kevin Bacon and Sgt. Slaughter. They make a Richard Gere/Gerbil joke about Disco Inferno and talk about the ass of Chris Harris. Just an excuse for these guys to fuck around for a few minutes.
Tracy and Nurse Veronica are in the ring, stating that the lack of testosterone is why they are not able to face men in TNA. They call out any man in the locker room to come out but instead gets Lollipop and April Pennington, who played Brian Lawler’s girlfriend several months back. They have a catfight but security breaks it up, as the crowd starts a “let them fight” chant. Another feud that no one will care about
A video of Sandman and New Jack airs prior to their Hard Ten Finals Match.
Hard Ten Tournament Finals Match
New Jack vs. Sandman
Jack uses a fork then a staple gun on Sandman. They go outside and Sandman goes up 1-0 with a trashcan lid. Jack goes up 2-1 with a trashcan as both guys are busted open. Sandman uses a kendo stick to go up 3-2. Jack ties it up with a lid shot then goes up 4-3 with a chair. The score is tied 5-5 after a few kendo stick shots then they go into the crowd then up to the balcony. Sandman goes up 7-5 with a few chairshots as they go to the top of the arena. Jack is wearing a crimson mask then ties it up 7-7 with a few chairshots. Jack goes for another chairshot but Sandman backdrops him off the balcony and Jack falls through a table as Sandman wins the tournament (5:00) DUD. Jack took a nasty bump.
Thoughts: Jack nearly killed himself taking the backdrop off the balcony but other than that, this was horrible. At least the tournament is over, because this was a major flop.
Tenay says that Negro Casas and Shocker will appear next week. They never did appear on that show. West promises that Raven will be here and that AMW will defend their titles.
Heavyweight Title Match
Frankie Kazarian vs. AJ Styles (Champion)
They start with a lockup and some matwork, with AJ getting the upper hand.  Kazarian fights back and lands a dropkick. He gets two off a springboard leg drop then slingshots in with a DDT. AJ ducks out but Kazarian brings him back in with a flying headscissor. AJ shoves the ref into Kazarian then takes control. He gets a pair of neckbreakers then drops a knee. AJ kicks Kazarian on the apron then snaps his head off the ropes with a rana. Brainbuster gets two. AJ beats on Kazarian in the corner for a bit. Leg lariat gets two. AJ jaws with a fan and Kazarian gets a quick rollup for two but AJ kicks him back down. AJ grabs a chinlock and after that, both men collide in midair. Sabin runs out and hits Kazarian with a backbreaker. AJ can only get two then misses a charge in the corner. Kazarian runs into a superkick but is able to kick AJ on the top rope. Sabin distracts the ref as Trinity runs out and stops Kazarian from performing the Flux Capacator. Kazarian dropkicks AJ in midair then dodges a rana from Trinity, who accidentally hits AJ. They counter their moves, with AJ nearly dropping Kazarian on his head with a Styles Clash, then Kazarian hits the Wave of the Future but only gets two. He knocks Sabin off the apron and takes out both him and Trinity with a tope. Kazarian springboards in but AJ catches and drops him then picks him up and hits a Styles Clash, with Kazarian landing directly on his head for the win (13:21) **3/4. Holy shit, that was like a Tiger Driver 91. Russo comes out but so does D’Lo Brown, who cleans house. The Red Shirt security runs out as D’Lo goes after Russo, causing Tenay to speculate that Russo has bought them off. D’Lo promises AJ that in seven days, his run as the champ will end. Russo tells D’Lo he will have a match next week. D’Lo says that he will have an equalizer next week.
Thoughts: The match was okay but they were sloppy at points and the constant interference at the end bogged down the match. The Trinity heel turn was just awful, as no one gives a shit about her anymore. As far as next week’s match between AJ and D’Lo, I have no idea as to who will be in D’Lo’s corner.

Final Thoughts: Not a good show this week. There was nothing embarassing but the angles that were displayed are not exciting and quite frankly, are between people who are of little to no use of the company. I have no idea as to who AMW can defend the belts against and they are severely lacking in the heavweight department.