Money Is The New Bank

Not much interest in the show tonight, but we can play the prediction game for fun even though the results seem to be pretty obvious.  I'm sure with two ladder matches and a motivated Henry in Philly it'll be a pretty good, but I'm pretty meh on this one.
Cena retains over Henry, no cash-in.
Del Rio retains over Ziggler when Big E turns on him for good.
Daniel Bryan wins WWE title briefcase, teases cash-in on Cena but challenges him to Summerslam instead.  I should note that betting lines are going WAY up on Orton apparently, so they could also swerve it and have him win too because usually that stuff indicates something hinky going on.  
Ambrose wins the other briefcase.  Although apparently Vince is pissed off at Seth Rollins for not shaking his hand properly or some stupid fucking thing, so who knows.  
AJ retains the tramp stamp belt.
Axel retains the IC title over whoever he's facing.  The Miz?  I honestly don't remember.
Ryback beats Jericho with help of new manager Vickie.
I think that's all.