Young Talent

Hi Scott,

Long time reader and book buyer of yours. Had a few questions for blog:
1-While I know WWE prefers guys who look like male models, Cody Rhodes and Miz, to Daniel Bryan and CM Punk- I think part of the reason fans take to Punk/Bryan so much is that their offense in the ring is fun to watch! Do you think an unsaid reason for guys like Cody not getting over to the main event level is their offensive move-set sucks and no one ever tries to help improve it?
Cody's moveset is fine, the problem is that he's booked to lose every match.
2-It's been a year of Ryback on TV. Who do you blame for the potential "Goldberg like" run that was destroyed? Is it more the performer or Vince and creative? Just thinking about it: He is right up Vince's alley because he has a cool look, good entrance music and can wrestle ok for a big, juiced up gorilla but…the whole act fell off. Who messed that up?
The people who booked him to lose every PPV match he was in for the past year, until paying customers no longer believed in him as a top guy.
3-Speaking of falling off…The formula for WWE is to push new guys to the moon (The Shield etc…) and then cool them off. It seems hard for the wrestlers to get back to a main event status after that cool down so what would you do to change this pattern? Are they pushing wrestlers too high off the debut to a status they can't live up to for long run?
There's no magic bullet for success.  Once Cena found the rapper gimmick he pretty much got a sustained push upwards from then on.  Batista and Orton were put in a top place early on and never "paid their dues" either.  Who's to say that if Steve Austin had been allowed to continue on in WCW happily that he wouldn't have just languished in the midcard and then disappeared with the company?  Some guys NEED a kick in the ass to make them recreate their character or find something inside to tap into.  That being said, WWE's hot-and-cold booking is overdone because EVERYONE gets a losing streak gimmick and no one is allowed to get over bigger than the rest.