QOTD – Friday the 12th, 2013

Greetings, citizens of Metropolis [Donner Metropolis, not shitty Snyder Metropolis].

Going with the movie theme, BoD’er Mark Haas sends in a damn good question:

“Caliber, after all the great movie discussion for QOTD, only 1 follow up is possible….best movie scene. 

My vote is for the closing scene of The Usual Suspects.  ***SPOILERS***The scene where Spacey is shown going from gimp to stud as the cop realizes what just happened.***SPOILERS***  Loved it.  MH”

Hands down for me, it’s the scene in Boogie Nights when Dirk, Chest, and Todd are in Alfred Molina’s house, and he’s fried off his mind on crack, while the Asian kid lights of fire-works and 80’s pop-classics are blaring in the backround. “Ricky Springfield! He’s a buddy ah-mine!”. Deciding to play Russian Roulette, thinking he’s the world’s greatest entertainer when by chance he doesn’t kill himself, taking a bow and saying “thank you, thank you!” I’m absolutely stunned every time I see it because of how brilliant it is. Boogie Nights happens to be my all time favorite film, and is practically constructed entirely of absolute classic scenes.

How say you?