QOTD – July 8th, 2013

Greetings, Harry’s Code followers.

Today’s QOTD comes from BoD future HOF’er, Stuart Chartock.

“With the impending debut of The Wyatt Family tonight, which wrestler(s) had the best pre-debut vignettes to hype their arrival? Mr. Perfect? Sean O’Haire? Fandango?

Glacier’s “Blood Runs Cold” vignettes.

Sure, the actual debut and gimmick was a total bust, but the months (and MONTHS) of mysterious vignettes certainly built the anticipation.”

Gabbo had some great vignettes.

I’m gonna go with Razor’s. They were original, and pretty well done. Sure, looking back now they’re sort of goofy, but right away you could tell Razor was something different, and something that would work. It’s just too bad they didn’t use the God-awful “Push It To The Limit” as his entrance music.

How say you?