Wrestlemania blunder?

Scott, celebrating the 4th of July by working an ER hospital shift (its terrible).  Since I've got nothing to do I decided to hide out in the doctors lounge and watch some old WWF.  Watched the main event from WM 16 for the first time since watching it live, and I LOVED it.  The crowd was pretty hot for it, Foleys return added a nice niche to the match (I know he wasnt retired very long), HHH was finding his role as a top heel, and Rock was super over as usual.  The McMahons involvement was a little over done at times, but they were at the apex of their powers as on air characters so it didnt really detract from the match that much.   Plus HHH and Rock put on a great singles match for 15 minutes.

Why is this main event panned as one of the worst ever?   Went back and read your review on it and you gave it 2.5 stars and pretty much shit on it.  Thanks

Foley pretty much shit on it too.  And Meltzer gave it *** so I don't think I dramatically underrated it or anything.  The HHH and Rock portion is great, but then that's what it SHOULD have been in the first place.  The Foley/Show eliminations are weak sauce and the match drags until the HHH v Rock portion that everyone wanted to see.  But given that it's the fourth of July, I would once again remind everyone that it's a free country and if you thought it was a **** classic, more power to you.