Performance evaluations

Enough with these fucking performance evaluations.  The GM is stupid.  Performance evaluations are stupid.  This whole thing is stupid.  What a waste of time.  If anyone should have a performance evaluation it's Mike GIllis.  Seamus sucks too.

I was actually on the trade Schneider bandwagon because I like Luongo and I figured they could get a hell of a lot more for Cory than they could for Lu.  And now this way everyone's happy:  Schneider gets to be the #1 guy in Jersey when Brodeur retires, Luongo can start all 84 games for the Canucks like he wants to do, the Canucks get some cap room once they dump Booth and Ballard and can sign a few free agents.  Granted, one first round pick was pretty slim, but getting a first, second and top quality guy from Edmonton was a bit of a dream anyway.  And it's not like Luongo suddenly became not an elite goalie.  I'm gonna go with "cautiously optimistic" on this one.
But as for the performance evaluation and McMahons, yeah, fuck that noise, bro.