WWE Shows at Fairgrounds

Hello Mr. Keith.  A video you had on your wall not too long ago, and the comment you made about it, where the ring was outside on the grass and it was a safer bumping area for them, got me thinking….

Since the look of a wwe show is as stale as it has ever been, maybe a simple Raw or Smackdown in the summer Fair season, most likely at a Giant Known State Fairgrounds(Texas or NY), I think is an Idea worth exploring.  Besides the throwback to the Territory Days having these kind of shows, plenty of families(kids!) go to these fairs, and just the visual of a Match taking place with the Midway lit up at night in the background would be worth it.  Waddya think?

Sidenote: Wargames dvd review coming?  Keep up the good work and thank you

I've been saying for a while they should do ANYTHING differently.  A fairground would be awesome, like in the old JCP Bash days, or in a train station like the first few Shotgun Saturday Night shows, or when they had that arena problem in Denver I thought they should have set up the ring in the parking lot and ran a show like that.  Be dangerous!  
As for the Wargames, I already did the complete run for 24/7 a few years back so I don't really see the point in reviewing the DVD, but I'll repost that rant for people who might now have read it.