Worst WWE internet show ever?

I realize that I shouldn't throw around that claim lightly, but I can
beardly make it to the end of this…


It's no worse than any of Santino's "hilarious" shows, I'd say.  Although the sponsorship thing is annoying. 
Two thoughts:
1)  In Canada, Norelco isn't a thing.  Shavers are just Philips.  Always makes it weird to watch commercials for "Norelco" shavers that are exactly the same as "Philips" ones that we get up here but with a different brand.  
2)  Greatest Wrestlemania match that never happened this year for some stupid reason:  Team Hell No v. Rhodes Scholars, with Cody's mustache against Daniel Bryan's beard.  WHY DID NO ONE BOOK THIS?  You can't tell me the heat wouldn't have been off the charts.