No more heels/faces?

Given that all the MITB contestants for the WWE title are faces, and all the contestants for the World title MITB are heels, do you think we're moving into an era where there are no faces/heels, just characters? Take also into account the WWE/John Cena himself finally and repeatedly acknowledging the boos he gets, Ziggler and others' heel/face behaviour and tweener status, the fact that they had a hard time turning Punk/Bryan heel, and the fact Sheamus is a huge babyface who behaves like a terrible heel.
Call me crazy, but I think it could work. Just let the characters breathe and be themselves and the crowd can cheer/boo who they want. Or does the super lucrative kiddy market need to be told who to cheer/boo in order to keep watching?


Given that the entire basis of most storytelling is "good guys v. bad guys", I'm thinking they would stupid to do away with the concept now.  That being said, no, heels and faces aren't going anywhere.  I LIKE being told who to cheer and who to boo sometimes, because that's how you follow the storyline if you're not crazy hardcore fans like the people on the blog.  Otherwise you're just Vince Russo, and no one wants that.