Cena v. Bryan

So sure, is Cena actually going to tap out to Bryan? Probably not. But I still think there’s a good chance Bryan gets a win via some sort of Bret Hart-esque reversal-into-small-package, or Cena passes out in a No-Lock. Something clean that puts Bryan over, but Cena continues to “Never Give Up.”

I think I accidentally downvoted you because I’m still learning to navigate on the iPad keyboard, sorry. Anyway, given my experience with WWE-ese and translating their storylines, I’m actually thinking Bryan v. Cena at Summerslam is going to be split with Vince on Cena’s side and HHH on Bryan’s side, with Vince basically doing like MITB ‘11 and threatening to fire Cena if he loses to midget Bryan.  Because people are gonna boo Cena anyway, so might as well align him with Vince, and as a bonus HHH gets to align himself with hot new thing Daniel Bryan and thus take credit for it.  So HHH can help Bryan win to further his feud with Vince (because Vince has established that he doesn’t want Bryan winning), Cena has an out for a rematch, and Bryan actually kind of gets the rub by being part of the Tippy-Top Guys Club.  By WWE logic, it actually would make sense.