Smackdown – June 21, 2013

June 21, 2013
Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall

past Payback now and the main story is the double turn by Ziggler and
new world champion Alberto Del Rio. That’s the best outcome as Del
Rio was only working to an extent as a face while Ziggler was getting
over more and more as a good guy. Other than that we have Bryan vs.
Orton tonight in a continuation/rematch from their stopped match on
Raw. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of the results from Payback. That’s one thing I
liked about WCW: other than the main events, they made sure to not
tell you who won a lot of the matches until the replays were off PPV.
Now you have clips of the endings to most of the matches, leaving no
reason to buy the replay.
Daniel Bryan to open the show. Until Monday, he had never had a
match stopped due to injury in his entire career. The doctor asked
if he could continue and he said YES, but the company line was that
they were worried for his health. Realistically though, they stopped
the match because they think he’s the weak link and not tough enough.

worst person in all of this was Randy Orton and we get a clip of
Orton helping Bryan up after the match. Bryan says that if Orton
thought he was the strong link, he would have begged for the match to
keep going. The match should have kept going, but Bryan’s YES chant
is cut off by Randy Orton.
comes to the ring shaking his head and mouthing the words “you’re
wrong.” Randy says the match was stopped for Bryan’s well being,
not because anyone thought he was weak. Bryan kept coming during the
match and that made Orton respect him even more. When Orton helped
him up, it was out of respect, not pity. Bryan yells that Orton is
patronizing him after giving Bryan respect for beating Shield last
week. Orton says fine, if Bryan wants a rematch he can have one
tonight. This time though, Bryan will be carried out.
vs. Cody Rhodes
drew the long straw to get this match tonight. Sheamus gets two off
a quick suplex but Cody elbows out of the fireman’s carry roll. Cody
goes to the middle rope but gets snapmared down before rolling to the
floor. Rhodes sends Sheamus into the barricade before stomping away
back inside. A running knee to the head gets two for Cody and it’s
off to an armbar.
fights up but misses a charge into the corner, giving Rhodes two off
a rollup. The slingshot shoulder is countered into a Fujiwara Armbar
but Cody just lets it go. Sheamus shrugs all of the offense off and
hits a sledge to the Cody’s face. The fireman’s carry slam looks to
set up White Noise but Cody rolls out, only to be pulled into the
Cloverleaf for the tap out at 5:37.
D. This was bad even by this
pair’s standards. The total lack of selling of the arm by Sheamus
was surprising as Cody worked on it for a few minutes before Sheamus
just fought back like it was nothing. The main problem here though
is the same we’ve seen with every one on one match between the
Scholars and Sheamus: the winner is never in doubt.
jumps Sheamus post match.
Family promo.
Title: Curtis Axel vs. Wade Barrett
title looks good on Axel. Miz is on commentary for this rare heel
vs. heel match. Axel grabs a headlock to start but Wade forearms him
down for two. Curtis comes back with a good looking dropkick to take
over and drops some elbows to the chest for two. Wade grabs a quick
suplex for two of his own as the announcers debate if Barrett should
have gotten his rematch on Monday. Barrett hits his big boot to send
Axel out to the floor and another big boot hits for two back inside.
Axel avoids a middle rope elbow and hits a Hennig necksnap followed
by the McGillicutter to retain at 4:40.
D+. This was an 80s punch/kick
for the first few minutes until Barrett turned things up a bit at the
end. Axel pinning Wade clean is an important step for him as now
he’s pinned the former champion without any help at all. It would
appear that Miz is next but hopefully there’s more to the title after
that match.
match Miz gets in the ring to stare down Axel but Heyman gets the
champion out of the way.
on Mark Henry’s fake retirement and attack on Cena from Raw.
Lee vs. Natalya
Natalya immediately takes AJ down but can’t hook the Sharpshooter.
Instead she puts on a strange looking leglock where Natalya’s knees
are between AJ’s knees and stretching them apart with both girls on
their backs. AJ makes the rope and puts on a quick sleeper… we
take a break? In this match? Back with Natalya getting two off a
snap suplex and a clothesline. Natalya shouts that AJ has no respect
but AJ counters a slam into the Black Widow for the pin at 2:20 shown
of 4:50.
and Kaitlyn are watching in the back when Aksana comes up and calls
Katilyn trash. Kaitlyn snaps and beats Aksana up before pouring
trash on her.
Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio
again. Jericho takes him into the corner to start and chokes Del Rio
on the middle rope before getting two off a knee to the back. Del
Rio gets a boot up in the corner to drop Jericho but misses a running
kick and falls out to the floor. Jericho hits the springboard
dropkick to drop Alberto again. A Ricardo distraction lets the
champion get in a cheap shot to take over as we take a break.
with Del Rio sending Chris back to the floor and whipping him into
the barricade. They head back inside and Alberto misses a charge
into the post to shift momentum again. The top rope ax handle looks
to set up the Walls but Alberto spins out and kicks Jericho in the
head for two. The corner enziguri misses though and Jericho hits the
running bulldog and Lionsault. Jericho loads up the Walls but Del
Rio counters into the cross armbreaker which is countered into the
Walls but Chris has to go after Ricardo. Jericho puts Rodriguez in
the Liontamer but Ziggler runs in for the DQ at 5:34 shown of 8:04.
C+. The sequence right before
the ending was good but I’m not wild on the ending. It wouldn’t hurt
Jericho to lose here and make Del Rio look good, even if it was by
cheating. The Ziggler vs. Del Rio feud is getting good in a hurry
and the match should be a solid blowoff. This was fine for a TV
match though and could have been better with more time.
Rio runs off and Jericho gives Ziggler a Codebreaker post match.
Jericho leaves and the champion comes back to pick the bones with a
hard kick to Ziggler’s head. The audience sounded like they were
looking at a heel turn by Jericho but I don’t think it was meant to
be one.
McIntyre vs. Christian
sends him to the floor and hits a baseball slide to take Drew down.
Back in and Christian tags him with an uppercut but dives into a
spinning sitout Rock Bottom from McIntyre for two. Not that it
matters much as Christian takes out the other Band members and hits
the Killswitch for the pin at 1:50.
match Christian says it feels great to be back here for one more
match. Cue Shield to lay Christian out with the TripleBomb.
on Brock Lesnar.
recap the events of Raw with Punk splitting with Heyman and fighting
Del Rio in the main event. Alberto walked out on the match and was
jumped by Ziggler, only to have Lesnar come out and attack Punk.
doesn’t want to talk about the Punk issues so he turns the interview
around on Renee Young, asking her a lot of personal questions about
topics like her father and her ex-fiance. Heyman suggests that next
time, she should talk about Curtis Axel.
Orton vs. Daniel Bryan
charges right at Orton and they slug it out in the corner. Orton
throws him to the mat and stomps away but Bryan gets up and fires
right hands. It’s rare for Bryan to throw punches and they’re better
than I expected. Randy knocks him right back down but misses a knee
drop to the face. Bryan kicks away and hooks a leg lock, only to
have Orton counter into a headlock. Orton blocks the NO Lock and
hits a backbreaker to finally give them a breather. The first few
minutes of the match were continuous punching and holds.
drapes Bryan ribs first onto the top rope and suplexes him over the
top and out to the floor as we take a break. Back with Bryan
fighting out of a superplex and dropping Orton with a missile
dropkick. Daniel fires off the kicks in the corner and hits a
running dropkick for two. Bryan moonsaults over Orton out of the
corner but walks into the snap powerslam for two. Orton gets caught
in a backslide for two and Bryan fires off the kicks to the chest and
head for a two count.
goes up again but gets crotched and superplexed down for a very close
two. The Elevated DDT connects but Bryan rolls to the floor to avoid
the RKO. Orton drops Bryan back first onto the barricade but Bryan
shoves him into the barricade. The flying knee off the apron sets up
the FLYING GOAT and Bryan beats the count back in at 10:36 shown of

Rating: B-. This was a nice back and forth match and they did a good job of making Bryan look strong after last week’s big win over the Shield.  The idea of Bryan being able to get back in at the last second kept both guys looking strong which is a good idea for Orton going forward.

wants the match restarted but Orton just stares at him as the show
B-. This was another
good show as we had some solid action and nothing bad on the entire
show save for a dull Sheamus vs. Rhodes match. Bryan continues to be
so over it’s unreal and the Ziggler face push is coming quickly. The
WWE is starting to get on a roll which is a good sign after a very
dull spring.
b. Cody Rhodes – Cloverleaf
Axel b. Wade Barrett – McGillicutter
Lee b. Natalya – Black Widow
Del Rio b. Chris Jericho via DQ when Dolph Ziggler interefered
b. Drew McIntyre – Killswitch
Bryan b. Randy Orton via countout
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