who knows what in wrestling

Hey Scott,
Got a question for the blog. Besides the obvious people (wrestlers, referees, commentators, in-truck director), do the others know what is going on a particular show? For example, would Justin Roberts know what would happen in the triple h/curtis axel/vince mcmahon triology a week ago or that Ziggler would cash in his money in the bank contract? I figure he has a script but does he know every minute detail? I know it would be hard for the camera guys to remember everything for 3+ hours so would they know that Ziggler is cashing in or that mark henry is fooling everyone?
Some do, some don't.  I used to talk with Ed Koskey back when he was a sound tech and he didn't generally have much in the way of inside info at that point.  I think if you're not someone directly involved in a storyline it would be kind of a pain to have to remember all the extraneous stuff unles you were already a superfan.   But there are definitely scripts that anyone backstage can read and learn the twists and turns if you wanted to.