QOTD – June 20th, 2013

Thanks to everyone who’s been sending questions in. Today we’re gonna rock two questions, simply because I’m drunk with power. First one up is from a Mr. KSZero, offering up a simple question:

“Black Cat, or Black Widow?”

Well, I can’t imagine Black Widow not as Scarlett, which gives her an edge. So, unless Phoenix Marie plays Black Cat at some point, I’m gonna go with Widow.

Next up, a question from Officer Farva:

“What is the best, or your favorite, single episodic (trademark WWE) television episode? I’d choose either the season 1 episode of Homeland where ___  _____ is introduced as being alive, the season 1 finale of OZ, or the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where Larry misspells “Aunt” as “Cunt” in an obituary (think season 2). 3 of my favorite series of all time.” 

I edited said question as to avoid spoilers right here on the main page. In the comments, go nuts. Great question. I have quite a few options, such as the episode of Married With Children where Al sells his soul, the ep of Seinfeld where Kramer finds the Merv Griffin set, or the pilot of Breaking Bad. Seriously, if that had been made into a movie, it’d be talked about amongst the greatest films of the last 20 years. It’s fantastic. 

How say you?