Work? Shoot? Worked shoot? Shot work?

Does this work under ANY circumstances? If they thought it was a serious injury, realized it wasn't, then tried to make a story of it? As a story in and of itself? As part of WWE's overall unusual focus on injuries and "injuries" as of late?

I think they're overdoing it already.  We've already had two very real situations with Ziggler and Fandango, plus one fake one with HHH and then Ryback getting held off the show due to his "injuries", so my immediate thoughts on the Bryan thing was that they were going with yet another version of the same thing in a very short span.  As Dusty Rhodes discovered in the 80s, that's a recipe for disaster.  Plus it also becomes WWE patting themselves on the back yet again for caring so much about their athletes (who they don't even provide health insurance for).  Not to mention HHH doing a Very Special Episode of RAW about himself and then promptly forgetting about his cripping brain injuries in the very next show.  
However, it came out today that in fact Bryan was legitimately injured and was supposed to win the match, so if that's the case then it really was a good idea for them to stop the match, although then trying to turn it into a storyline is a bit cheesy.  Perhaps they shouldn't cry wolf so many times in the first place.