RF Video Shoot Interview with Bob Holly

This is my first attempt at reviewing a shoot interview. I
went back and forth about how to approach writing this and I decided to write
down all the important things he touched on in this interview.  I thought just by writing a summary that was a
few paragraphs long, I wouldn’t really be giving a lot of information. I don’t know
if I trimmed off enough fat but any suggestions or thoughts are welcome.

Bob starts by stating how he was a fan of wrestling as a
kid. He states he was born in California and first saw wrestling at age 7 when
he moved to Oregon. After graduating from high school, he moved to Mobile, AL then
commuted there to Pensacola, FL, where he went to wrestling school. His
trainers were Bob Sweetan and Rip Tyler. He says he never got discouraged during
his training and picked it up quickly. His first match was against a guy named
Bob was for the WOW promotion that was owned by Rip Tyler. He says he has it on
tape and would not show it to anyone as it was terrible. 


He says that during training, Sweetan would try to break
him. The interviewer mentions if he was a hard ass on “Tough Enough” because
of his training and he says he was just respecting the business because the
students were fucking around, thus not respecting the business.


Bob talks about NASCAR and how he always wanted to race. He
brings up an old girlfriend who brought him to a guy involved in NASCAR. This
guy also owned a plumbing company and Bob would work for him on the side and he
would help him build a car. Bob says that he placed 4th in his first race and
was told he would not win one for about two years. The following weekend, he
won his first race.


Bob mentions that he first got into Smoky Mountain Wrestling
rom meeting Jim Cornette in WCW, when he was a job guy. Bob says that Corny
told him to stop coming up and doing jobs on TV because he had something


Bob says that he liked Cornette and he liked him back. Bob
then says that he worked in Memphis for Jerry Jarrett before SMW. He says that
he made no money at all and was sleeping in his car in rest areas. He says that
he couldn’t afford gas to drive around to the different towns. He had a partner
named Pat Rhodes and left shortly after that to get a job due to the shitty
pay. He worked as a welder and would travel to shows after work to wrestle independents.


He mentions Brian Lee, Tim Horner, and Tracy Smothers as the
guys who stood out in SMW. Bob also states that the funding was why SMW went
under as you could watch so much wrestling on TV for free from the WWF and WCW
that there was no reason to pay to see SMW.

When asked about how he got into the WWF, Bob says he sent a
tape to Paul Bearer, who then gave  gave
it to JJ Dillon and that was how he got hired. He says he traveled to Stamford
to meet with Vince and JJ Dillon and he was hired, without a tryout match.

Bob says that they already had the racecar gimmick for him
due to his background. He thought it as corny but did not mind, even though he
was not comfortable at all with that character. He wrestled his first TV match
against Barry Horowitz and said it was easy.


The interviewer mentions the Kliq and Holly says he hated
them because they never gave anyone a chance due to their politicking.  When asked if they held him down, Bob says he
wasn’t sure. He did state that he would smack Scott Hall if he ever saw him
again though. When asked about HBK, Bob states that he hated him then but likes
him now since he came back. He even mentions how HBK approached him after his
comeback and apologized for his behavior.


About the Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels feud, Bob says that
Bret should have done what was right for business and dropped the belt to
someone else if he wanted to leave. He doesn’t blame Vince for what he did. He
has no hard feelings against Bret but felt he got what he deserved. He says he
got along with Bret and he was nice to him.


Bob is asked about his memories working with various
workers. He puts over everyone as being nice. He starts that he learned a lot
about psychology from Rick Martel. He really put over Billy Gunn, stating that
when he was on, he was great. He liked teaming with Sean Waltman because he was


Bob is asked about any ribs that Owen Hart pulled.  He tells a story about a rib that he pulled
when he picked up a hitchhiker in 90 degree heat and told him they were in a
religion that required them to drive with the windows up and the heat turned
on. They put him in the back seat with Hakushi. They brought him to the arena
and into the locker room. After the show, Owen left him there after promising
him a ride home.


He tells a story about Steve Austin, stating that he asked
him to do a slap spot. Apparently Bob slapped him so hard that after the match,
Austin told him to never to that again.


He is asked about the ECW invasion. Bob thought it was cool.
He also said that he was paying attention to both ECW and WCW at the time.


When asked about Bart Gunn and the Brawl for All tournament,
Bob said that Jim Ross had it in for him when he beat Steve Williams and had
him fight Butterbean, knowing that Bart didn’t stand a chance. He is then asked
about a rumor during his match with Bart that they had a gentleman’s agreement
not to punch each other. Bob says that was bullshit and that he had a black eye
after the bout. He said they agreed not to take each other down. He said he got
into the tournament when Bruce Pritchard called him and he agreed.


Bob said that he liked the Job Squad, because it kept him on
TV. He then tells a story about traveling with Al Snow and Mick Foley driving
him shithouse during a car trip by playing Christmas music in October. He said
Al was a funny bastard and was over but someone in the office was holding him
back. He says that Mick is a great guy and that he always wanted to have a
hardcore match with him.


Bob is asked about his first Wrestlemania. He says at WM X,
he was supposed to be in a Battle Royal but Shawn and Razor went long in their
ladder match, because they refused to “go home”, and it got squashed.


He is asked about the New Midnight Express and says that he
knew they could never compete with the original and thinks it was Cornette’s


He also says that he liked hardcore matches. His favorite
were one with him and Bart he and Al when they ended up in a river. That was
the match, I believe, that gave him the Hardcore Holly name. It was at the St.
Valentine’s Day Massacre. In regards to the hardcore matches, Bob says the
office would go over stuff with them but they had some freedom.


When asked about the Over the Edge PPV and Owen’s death, Bob
was standing around warming up, he was in the next match, then heard Bruce
Pritchard says he fell. He recalls several people rushing towards the ring and
after 20 minutes, Owen came by on a stretcher and was white as a ghost with his
arms hanging off. Bob says he wrestled next and doesn’t even remember who he
went against (It was against Al Snow). He then states that it was tough to say
whether or not they should have continued the show.


He first realized that Stone Cold was turning business around
with bigger crowds and an increased paycheck. He then says that Austin changed
with success, developed a big ego and wouldn’t listen to anyone else. He brings
up how he ignored Billy Gunn and himself, even though they used to ride

Bob also traveled with Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman,
besides Al and Mick. He also traveled with Sid Vicious for three years and thought
it was easy, because they didn’t go out a lot and worked out early in the


He is asked about Crash Holly. Says he found out about him
when he showed up at a show in Milwaukee and learned they gave him a cousin. He
says it randomly ended one day and thinks it was because someone else was mad
that it got over. He wasn’t close with Crash outside of the ring, so his death didn’t
affect him that much.


Bob says that he didn’t mind losing to Chyna, because it was
a work, and says if it was real, it wouldn’t last more than fifteen seconds. He
then says that Chyna was difficult to work with and complained about guys
hitting her too hard. Bob also states that she almost got Chris Jericho fired
by making up lies to the office that he was beating her up in their matches.


Bob is asked about politics with Rock and Austin on top. He states
he didn’t get involved in that and would only complain to his wife and friends,
because he didn’t trust anyone.  When
asked about HHH changing with power, Bob states that he is a nice guy but doesn’t
use his power to put over guys who are talented and getting over.


In regards to “Beyond the Mat,” Bob states that he was out
with a shoulder injury when that happened and wasn’t around for the filming. That
injury was occurred when he wrestled Kurt Angle.


When asked about Brock Lesnar, he calls him a big bastard
with a good look but not a great worker. Says Brock respected the business but
hated travel.  He is asked about the
rumor that he sandbagged Brock on a powerbomb that led to his broken neck. Bob says
that is a bullshit internet rumor. He states that Brock had the flu and that he
would have been strong enough to pick him up anyway, as he had given the Big
Show a belly-to-belly suplex in the past. Bob also says that you can blow him
if you do not believe him.


He says that things went downhill when WCW was bought out by
Vince, citing that competition was good. He never felt that is spot was threatened
by the WCW guys. He is asked about Biff Bagwell coming in and pissing everyone
off. He says that JR told him, Bradshaw, and Ron Simmons to take care of him in
the ring. The following week, he was fired.


He mentions that he did negotiate with WCW at one time when
his contract was up in the WWE. He says that he went to JR about his contract
before a PPV, gave him a number, and JR begrudgingly accepted that number.


Bob is then asked about Tough Enough. He says that after the
first season, he asked Big John about wanting to the next season. JR wanted him
to do it as well, stating that Taz was a bully on the show and that if he was
called out by one of the students, they would probably kick his ass and knew
that it wouldn’t happen with Bob.


He is asked about the Matt Cappotelli incident. He says that
he was a guest trainer for that season. There was a match going on and everyone
was laughing and giggling the entire time and this was pissing him off. He told
Big John that he needed to get in the ring and said that Matt was fucking
around the most out of everyone. Bob said that he did this to show him that
this was how it is in wrestling and was going to make a believer out of him. He
then says that he was crying and couldn’t take a simple ass kicking. He did not
get any heat from the office and talked with Al Snow on the phone, who was mad
at him. Bob told Al that he was nothing but a mother to them. Bob says that
after a few years on the road, Johnny Nitro came up to him (He was on the show
at the time) and told him that he understands why he did that to him. Bob puts
over Johnny has a good worker and thanked him for the comment.


Bob is asked about HHH going on TSN and saying that what Bob
did was inexcusable. Bob says that HHH hates violence and that if he can’t see
that he was trying to protect the business, he can kiss his fucking ass.


He is asked about Randy Orton. Bob puts him over and says
that when he first came up, he worked with him on the road. They asked Bob to
test him and he beat the shit out of him and Randy did not complain.  


He is asked about rumor that he works out with Vince. Bob
says that is another bullshit internet rumor. He says Vince has always been
nice to him.  


Bob is then asked about Chris Benoit. He says that it was a
terrible tragedy that should not have happened. He says that he talked to
Benoit regularly on Wednesday’s and one day after Benoit just got home from a
long trip, he decided not to call him as he felt that he wanted to see his
family. Bob then says how Benoit called him up and was pissed off that Bob didn’t
call him. He said that a week before the murder, he was with Benoit and he jokingly
referred to Nancy as Hitler. Bob then said how he felt guilty after the deaths
because he felt that if we saw Benoit that Wednesday, he might have been able
to prevent what happened. Bob says that he didn’t notice any paranoia prior to
what happened. When asked about if he was surprised that government became
involved in drugs and concussions in wrestling, he says that he wasn’t then
says that government should be involved in drunk drivers because they kill more
people then concussions.


Bob is asked about Steroids. He says that you have to take
something to keep up with that schedule. He says he took Deca and when he got
off, his joints started to hurt badly.  


He is asked about his nearly fatal staph infection. He says
that he got it from working with Orlando Jordan on a house show one night. The
next day, he could barely use his arm. The doctor says that he needed to go to
the hospital ASAP but John Laurinaitis said that he had to go on the overseas
tour. He flew over and they made an incision in his forearm. He was getting his
arm drained every night and kept getting sicker and sicker. He got home and was
in the hospital for a month then sent home with an IV. He states he nearly had
to have his arm amputated and was down to around 180 lbs. Bob says that the
only ones who called him were Stephanie McMahon, Benoit, and Booker T. Bob says
that he nearly sued the WWE for what happened to him.  


The next incident is the one involving Rene Dupree. They were
on the road in Spokane, WA and he had to go back to Mobile to help his mother
prepare for a hurricane. Rene was riding with him and not old enough to rent a
car so Bob left it with him and told him to fill the tank before dropping it
off. Three months later, his mother called him and said that he got a letter in
the mail, addressed from Spokane, that his license was suspended and he had a
warrant out for his arrest due to an unpaid parking ticket. They are at the
airport in Houston and Bradshaw screams Rene’s name. Bob is bullshit and asks Rene,
who denies what happened, and Bob called him a liar. He had to fly back to
Spokane and spent an entire weekend there, missing a good payoff at the MSG
house show, to take care of the ticket. Bob claims that Rene never offered to
pay for what happened (In his RF shoot interview, Rene claimed that he indeed
offered to pay for everything) and a month later, they had a match in which Bob
roughed him up. According to Rene and people at the show, Bob hit Rene from
behind with a chair and punched him hard outside the ring. Rene ran to the back
and complained and it got back to Vince. He talked with Vince and told him the
story. Vince said he would have done the same thing. Bob claims that HHH got in
Vince’s ear and because of that, he was fined $10,000. Bob said would do it
again as he stands up for his beliefs.  In
regards to this incident, I would be bullshit too if I was Bob. You let someone
borrow your rent-a-car and they get a ticket and throw it away (According to
Dupree, he claimed he didn’t know what to do with a ticket and asked someone in
wardrobe, who told him to throw it away. I mean, how fucking stupid can you
be). However, settle it outside the ring and not with an unprotected hair shot
to the back of the head. That is a chickenshit move.


Billy Gunn comes in and interrupts the interview.


The interviewer brings up how a former WWE wrestler said
that Bob is a stooge and that he goes and tells on the boys, which is why he
has a job. Bob says that person can come and say it to him. Billy laughs at
that too. I don’t know which wrestler that was but oddly enough, Mike Bucci
(Nova) said after bob mentioned him in his book, that Bob was a stooge and had
been known to steal pills from wrestler’s bags. Rene Dupree also called him a
stooge and said that he did that to Heidenreich and Mark Jindrak. Then again,
Dupree was also rumored to have stooged off Billy Gunn. And they think that video
games were the main problem in the locker room.


Bob tells a Billy Gunn story. They were in Kuwait and Henry
Goodwin dared Bob to punch Billy in their match. Bob decked Billy and started
to laugh afterwards. Billy left and came back and Bob was laughing harder.


Next up is Bob’s issue with Ken Kennedy. He says that he
wants to kill him. They used to be close on the road and Bob mentions that the
locker room used to help each other with prescription meds if needed. Bob said
Ken told him that could take his stuff from his bag if he needed something.  Ken then told others that Bob was going into
his bag behind his back and word got back to Laurinaitis. Shortly after this,
Bob had surgery on his elbow and was released. He then says John knew that he
would beat the fuck out of Ken when he returned and was fired. Says that he
would go to jail for beating Ken.  


Bob is asked about TNA and says that he wouldn’t mind going
there. He said he would return to the WWE if asked.


Bob is asked about the independent scene. He says it’s just
a bunch of guys doing highspots. He then says that you no longer need talent to
get into wresting as you can just send a picture to FCW and waste you money and
go to their training camp.


Bob is asked about his wrestling school and he says that he
does not have one. Bob says that its another internet rumor.


He says that he would like to write a book one day. His book
recently came out.


When asked about what makes a good worker, he says that
someone who can perform, put a match together, and makes it seem believable. He
puts over HBK as the best worker he has seen and once again puts him over as a
person since being sober and finding religion.


Bob states he is now focused on racing. He is building his
own car, which can cost up to $50,000.



Final Thoughts: After
this interview, I don’t know what to make of Bob. He didn’t seem to have an axe
to grind or an agenda, which is a good thing. He didn’t hold anything back when
asked about his controversies. I think Bob was honest for the most part but
something tells me that there is a bit of truth about those rumors that he was
stooging guys off. The guy was around forever and didn’t draw anything and
combine that with all of these controversies, he very well could have ratted
out his peers to keep his job. He also admitted to going through Kennedy’s bag
to get pills, stating that he said that he could when he wanted too. Now, that
might be the case but he also talked about this code of those sharing pills and
if he believes in that, he very well could have taken from other’s bags because
he stands up for his beliefs. I would recommend watching this shoot though
because he doesn’t hold anything back and has a lot of thoughts and stories
from 15 years in the WWE.
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