Payback – worth the buy?

> Hey Scott, seeing as the BODers would never do anything as shocking as stream a WWE PPV online, what is your opinion on the Payback card, is it worth the buy? 
> Here is the card –
> Cena/Ryback (3 stages)
> Jericho/CM Punk
> Barrett/Miz/Axel
> Shield/Bryan & Orton
> Ambrose/Kane
> Kaitlyn/AJ Lee
> Ziggler/Del Rio
> 7 matches, and we know it will be a shit hot crowd. I think this could be a great show if we count on Jericho/Punk, Shield/Orton & Bryan and Ziggler/Del Rio all delivering. Cena/Ryback could be some fun carnage, and I'm a sucker for triple threat matches regardless of how crap the participants are. Ambrose/Kane wasn't very good on Raw but who knows… and the ladies match at least has that funny bastard Big E Langston involved.
> What say you?  Probably worth a chance for the reasons mentioned.  I might get it depending on my mood.