How far do you see these talents going?

I thought this would be neat for you to do. I'll provide a list of current WWE wrestlers and you tell us how far you see them going. Your choices are either 1. Hall of Famer, 2. WWE Champion, 3. World Heavyweight Champion, 4. Midcarder for life, or 5. BUST!
Daniel Bryan –

WWE champion by Summerslam, probably Hall of Famer.  
Antonio Cesaro – 

World champion, eventually.  
Dean Ambrose – 

Hall of Famer.  
Roman Reigns –

WWE champion.  He's gonna be big, but not much past a quick reign.
Seth Rollins –

Probably midcarder, maybe with a quick reign as World champ.  
Bray Wyatt – 

Hard to call.  Probably won't be a singles champion, so midcarder.
Kassius Ohno – 

BUST.  He's gonna get frustrated and leave.
Big E. Langston – 

Bo Dallas –

Curtis Axel –

Midcarder.  They've already given up on the main event push.  
Adrian Neville (PAC) – 

Never seen him yet.
Fandango –

Thanks and keep up the stellar work!