WWE House Shows lately…


I came across this card at a house show that happened yesterday in Tennessee…


1. The Uso's beat The Prime Time Players.
2. Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater and Hunico in a Triple Threat match.
3. Curtis Axel defeated Sheamus by count out.
4. Layla and Alicia Fox beat A.J. Lee and Aksana.
5. The Great Khali defeated Jinder Mahal.
6. Alberto Del Rio defeated Big E Langston (w/Dolph Ziggler, A.J. Lee).

Is that not the WORST house show lineup you've seen in some time? Who the heck would PAY to see Big E vs. Del Rio VI? No stars. Looks like an episode of Superstars, and a bad one at that. I actually find this type of show insulting to the paying customers. Even if they are in a no name city, WWE should still send a couple stars. But maybe I'm overshooting here considering WWE has a very limited amount of stars today. 

But check out Curtis Axel continuing his awesome non-losing streak!  
Yeah, Dave was talking about the house show situation in the last Observer.  Basically they're wanting to groom someone to head up the B-Team to prevent situations like the above one.  Del Rio was supposed to be the guy but obviously that's not working, and now the plan appears to be CM Punk as the B headliner with Cena doing the A shows.   Here's the operative passage:
"But as noted before, Lesnar vs. Punk is an obvious direction but the wind is blowing toward Punk as the face. It looks like, if Orton goes heel, which has been the plan since late last year, that on the road, Team Orton may become Team Punk and Cena and Punk become the two house show headliners as faces. The feeling is they need a major face to lead each touring brand, and one of the reasons Orton hasn’t turned yet is because they didn’t think either Sheamus or Del Rio had gotten over enough to be that face, even though both at times were planned for the spot."
There was a show here in Saskatchewan with a card so bad I didn't even bother driving down to Regina for the cheap tickets, with something like Sheamus v. Wade Barrett as the main event.  They need to start downsizing to large halls like in the 90s again, because it's gonna get embarrassing.