Arn question

Here's a question that sprung off from the biography thread: what is it with Arn Anderson and kayfabe? I was stunned when I read his autobiography and it was 95% kayfabe (the scissors incident and the nWo parody skit being notable exceptions), and the Fuj pointed out that he did his portions of the Horsemen DVD in kayfabe as well (along with a shoot interview).

You know what's up with that? Is there a reason that he's so opposed to dropping kayfabe?

Some of the guys are just like that, I guess.  I know his book was kinda ridiculous, with statements like how he and Eaton dropped the tag titles to the Steiners because their head wasn't in it that night or nonsense like that.  Harley Race was of course another stickler for it for years and years as well.  It might have to do with how they were trained, or just personal preference.