Smackdown – June 7, 2013

June 7, 2013
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, New York
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
coming up on Payback with the big story at the moment being the rise
of Daniel Bryan. Since HELL NO lost the tag titles Bryan has been on
a rampage to prove that he isn’t the weak link, which has provided
some very entertaining moments from him in the past few weeks. Other
than that we have Orton teaming up with whomever he can find to fight
the Shield. Let’s get to it.

opening recap is a video of the contract signing for Jericho vs. Punk
at Payback. We also see Bryan yelling at Orton about not being the
weak link.
open the show with MizTV with guests Randy Orton and HELL NO. Bryan
thanks Kane for being the best partner he could ask for and not
helping him in the match against Ryback on Raw. Miz talks about
Bryan cleaning house of the Shield last week and we get a loud YES
chant. Bryan thinks people still look at him like a goat faced vegan
troll so Orton and Kane think that Bryan’s head is a bit messed up.
insists that everyone respects Bryan although Orton is getting tired
of Bryan whining about respect. Bryan blames Orton for the loss to
the Shield on Monday, so Orton says we’re back in crazy town. Kane
tries to get Bryan out of there but Bryan yells that Kane should have
his back. Kane says he always has Bryan’s back but he’s tired of
Bryan not trusting him.
wants to know why he should trust Kane. That’s a good question given
Kane’s history. He also wants to know why Kane doesn’t come to his
aid more often and thinks Kane is only teaming with him because
there’s no one better for Kane to hook up with. Kane bails and Miz
thinks we just saw the breakup of HELL NO. Bryan says yeah we did
but NO he is not to blame for this. Teddy Long comes out and makes
Orton/Bryan vs. Shield for later. Pretty solid opening segment
Jericho vs. Curtis Axel
the way to the ring, Heyman brags about Axel beating HHH and Cena
twice with Axel saying that Jericho will learn what it means to be
perfect. Paul jumps in on commentary as the guys in the ring run the
ropes a bit. Jericho takes him down with a dropkick and chops away
at the chest. They head to the floor with Jericho ramming Axel into
the announce table before heading back inside. We take a break and
come back with Axel chopping Jericho for two and hitting the Hennig
Necksnap for two more.
hooks the chinlock as Heyman guarantees that Punk will be in Chicago
for Payback. Jericho elbows his way out of the hold and drops him
with a top rope ax handle. Axel kicks out of the Walls but Jericho
takes him down with a quick bulldog. The Lionsault misses and Curtis
hits the McGillicutter for two.
gets up an elbow in the corner and hits a top rope cross body for two
of his own. The Walls go on this time but Axel gets to the ropes
before too much damage can be done. Jericho dropkicks him to the
floor so Heyman shouts IT’S CLOBBERIN TIME! Punk’s music hits and
the arena explodes, but it’s a ploy allowing Axel to roll Jericho up
for the pin at 7:05 shown of 10:35.
C. This was fine and it’s a
pinfall win for Axel which is what he’s been needing for awhile.
Jericho is still perfect in his role as the king of the jobbers since
he’s never going to fall down the card because of losses. It sets up
the Punk match even better and we get some credibility for Axel.
Even if it wasn’t an entirely clean pin, Heyman can spend a week
bragging about another world champion losing to Axel.
match Jericho charges back into the ring and hits Axel with a
comes up to Kane and brags about beating Bryan last week. A match is
made for later tonight. Ryback says he rules, but Kane says he’s
tombstoned a priest and buried his brother alive, so the rules don’t
apply to him.
Wyatt Family is coming.
from Raw on the McMahon family drama with Vince and Stephanie trying
to talk HHH out of fighting anymore.
Del Rio vs. Heath Slater
at least it’s not Langston. All three members of the Band jump Del
Rio but he fires off kicks to throw them out. There’s the armbreaker
on Slater but I don’t think the bell ever rang to start the match.
Del Rio and Ricardo clear the ring with Ricardo hitting a dive off
the top to take out Mahal and McIntyre.
Alberto still in the ring, Ziggler pops up on screen and says he’ll
be back on Monday.
vs. Kane
shoves him into the corner to start and tells Kane to do something
about it. Kane comes back with an uppercut but Ryback runs him over
with a shoulder block. Kane clotheslines him down and hits the low
dropkick for a quick one count. Ryback comes back with a gorilla
press in a very impressive display of strength. Kane no sells a kick
to the chest but can’t chokeslam him down. The side slam gets two
for Kane and a clothesline puts Ryback on the floor.
head outside with Kane being pulled into the barricade with Ryback
ramming the masked head into said barricade over and over. It’s
table time but Kane comes back with uppercuts to slow Ryback down.
Back inside and the top rope clothesline misses but Ryback takes too
long walking around and Kane hits the chokeslam for two. Now Kane
gets the table but Ryback rakes him in the eye and powerbombs Kane
through the table for the DQ at 5:45.
D+. This was a decent power
brawl and much like Jericho, Kane doesn’t lose anything by losing the
match here. Having Ryback powerbomb anyone he can find through a
table is a decent enough idea to set up the 3 Stages against Cena.
If nothing else they can use the people he’s attacked as the
lumberjacks to get revenge on him.
Sandow to talk about the mental challenges he’s been giving Sheamus
lately. Sandow insults the people of Long Island, saying that
they’re a bunch of checker minded people living in a chess world.
The only thing that can match Sandow’s intellect is a supercomputer,
so meet Deep Blue, a computer which won a major chess match several
years back. The computer tries to talk but is quickly silenced by
Sandow. Damien is going to recreate the chess match against Kasparov
(one of the best chess champions ever) right here for us tonight, as
long as there is SILENCE!
computer compliments Sandow for his opening move but Sheamus
interrupts the game. Sheamus says he’s going to interrupt the chess
match (Sandow: “That is obvious. Baby steps Sheamus, baby steps!”)
and thinks he can beat Deep Blue in one move. Sheamus can’t figure
out what move to make so he Brogue Kicks the computer. Damien gets
in a cheap shot and actually lays Sheamus out before sending him into
the computer’s table. He rams Sheamus’ head into the table over and
over and stands tall. I still don’t get why they’re wasting Sheamus
in this feud.
vs. Zack Ryder
is on commentary. The triple threat title match is announced for
Payback with Wade Barrett defending against Miz and Fandango. The
place goes NUTS for Ryder who is growing his hair out for the first
time in years. Fandango pounds Ryder down to start and hits a hard
European uppercut. Miz says Skittles Boy needs to quit looking at
him before he makes Fandango taste the rainbow of a Skull Crushing
Finale. Ryder comes back with a middle rope dropkick and the Broski
Boot for two. The Rough Ryder is countered into a powerbomb and the
guillotine legdrop gives Fandango the pin at 2:17.
and Fandango stare each other down.
on Ryback destroying Bryan and Cena from Raw.
and Natalya are in the back. The secret admirer are going to show up
on Raw but Natalya isn’t as happy as Kaitlyn thinks she should be.
The meeting should be private instead of on national television
because the guy could be a creep. Kaitlyn thinks if he was a creep,
he would be texting Natalya instead of her.
Rollins/Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton
again here. Daniel’s arm is taped up after the attack on Raw. Bryan
starts with Rollins and fires off those hard kicks to the chest. Off
to the surfboard with the double stomps to the back of Rollins’ legs
to keep Seth down. Bryan cranks on the arm and drives some knees
into Rollins’ ribs for extra damage. Rollins fights up and brings in
Reigns to pound on Bryan in the corner. Reigns whips Rollins into
Bryan for a splash and clotheslines Daniel down for two.
hooks a headlock as Seth talks trash from the apron. Bryan fights up
but is almost immediately stomped down in the corner to stop his
momentum. Reigns misses a charge into the corner and it’s hot tag to
Orton for some house cleaning. The Elevated DDT hits Rollins and
Shield bails to the floor as we take a break. Back with Rollins
taking Randy down before bringing Reigns back in for a chinlock.
quickly fights up with a belly to back suplex but Rollins breaks up
the tag to Bryan. Reigns is quickly back in but misses a charge into
the corner, allowing for the hot tag to Bryan. Daniel comes in with
a double dropkick off the top before kicking both guys in the chest
for two. Reigns is sent to the floor and Bryan backflips over
Rollins to hit a German suplex.
heads to the floor and the FLYING GOAT takes them both down. Back in
and the flying headbutt gets two on Seth. The RKO takes Reigns down
but Bryan accidentally dropkicks Orton in the corner. There’s the NO
Lock on Rollins but Ambrose runs in for the DQ at 9:00 shown of
B-. Solid tag match here which
has become the norm for the Shield. Usually people would get tired
of the same bit where the team gets close to getting pinned but only
gets DQ’ed etc, but the Shield matches are so good that no one seems
to mind. This was another solid match as you can pretty much take
any two top level guys and throw them against Shield for the same
match Orton hits the RKO on Bryan, likely setting up a Payback match.
C+. They did a good job
of setting up Payback this week and thankfully Ziggler will be back
on Monday to further the feud with Del Rio. It really is amazing how
much more entertaining Smackdown can be than Raw without all the
hammer fisted drama and the stupid WWE App nonsense you have to sit
through. Good show this week.
Axel b. Chris Jericho – Rollup
b. Ryback via DQ when Ryback powerbombed Kane through a table
b. Zack Ryder – Guillotine Legdrop
Bryan/Randy Orton b. Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins via DQ when Dean
Ambrose interfered
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