Help with a collection

John Petuka is out to collect all of the greatest promos in the wrestling world, and needs the help of the loving embrace that is the BoD Spotlight.

I don’t know why it sticks out in my mind, but the pre-match promo for Punk vs Jericho at WM had me excited for the match. It probably helped that I don’t watch Raw, so I just got the best of. Also, the Bully Ray ‘History of Aces & Eights’ videos on youtube are absolutely fantastic. Brilliant stuff. Anyway, here’s his email & list of what he has so far…

“Because I’m a nerd, I’m trying to compile the best wrestling promos (or
pre-match videos) known to man.  Some of them tell a magnificent story
while others just get you pumped for the match.  Feel free to contribute
to this list as I want it to be as thorough as possible…

“Do I have everybody’s attention now?”
The awesome MitB video.  It picks up on the drama and humor when Punk tells Vince to apologize around 1:40 into it.  

“Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon”
Twilight’s music sounded so good here, they used more of their music
for one of their Rock-Cena promos earlier this year, I believe.  Another
great video.  Classic Vince moment at 2:10 as you see his evil
reflection on Bret Hart’s sunglasses.

“Running Up That Hill”
great and dramatic summary of Shawn Michaels’ last feud against
Undertaker at WM 26.  It’s such a well-crafted story and this video
matches it.

“Steve Austin Survivor Series 1996”
were probably about 4 or 5 of these leading up to Survivor Series and
it was essentially Stone Cold finding his voice.  He had been developing
his character throughout the summer and fall, but these promos were a
stroke of genius.  Why doesn’t WWE do anything like this anymore?

“Flair vs HBK – 2003”
Just a nice and forgotten mix of their mini-feud in 2003.  It takes a cool and dramatic turn around 1:30 in.

“Flair vs HBK – 2008
Old Yeller.  If you don’t feel like listening to the Leave the Memories Alone part, skip to about 2:20.  

“The Rock, Pre-Rock Bottom 1998”
and forgotten, this is just a smooth telling of the Rock’s transition
into heeldom after teasing a big time face turn in late 1998.  1:15,
things get interesting and you get a pretty badass beat.  The Rock’s a
millionaire; he’s the WWF champ.

“Stone Cold-Rock: My Way”
Not forgotten at all–the one everyone remembers. WM17 pre-match promo.

“HHH-HBK: Fight”
2002.  So many good memories.  Already excited about HBK’s comeback,
this just made ya crazy with anticipation before the match.  Includes
the “Fight” song that was on the Anthology CD around 2:50.

“I’m damn sick and tired”
I believe this is before Fully Loaded 1998.  It’s a nice mix of where the Austin-McMahon feud and title picture at the time.

“Survivor Series 1997 – Hitman vs HBK”
A little chaotic but symbolic of their feud.

“2000 PPV intro compilation”
Okay, this is kind of cheating, but look at how cool WWE was in 2000.  20 minutes of pre-event promo packages.