The Sunday Non-Wrestling Related Topic

During the weekday I dig doing the QOTD, and I thought Sunday we’d discuss something non-wrestling related. This week: The Simpsons.

Just recently I’ve been going back and rewatching seasons 2-9. I haven’t seen these episodes in 10+ years, and wasn’t surprised to find that I enjoyed them more than ever. Also, seeing them as an adult for the first time, you realize just how fucking fantastic the writing truly is. Bart Sells His Soul is not only a fantastic episode, but one of the greatest pieces of television I’ve ever seen. Absolutely incredible.

For my money, I think the greatest moment in Simpsons history is when Homer & Marge are being chased out of the candy convention, and Homer throws the can of Buzz that’s covered with a bag of pop-rocks, causing a massive explosion. Then of course we get Rock Bottom. “No, Mr. Simpson, don’t take your anger out on me! No! Mr. Simpson! NOOOOO!!!”

Favorite moment/quote/episode?