Shoot of the Day: Luger v. Brody

Given that we’ve been talking about Andre v. Maeda lately, here’s the most famous shoot in wrestling history (arguably): And the Masked Man article written about it: Man, Brody was being a dick here.  I know Meltzer sees it another way but he was best friends with the guy so obviously he would.  Wrestling is built on trusting your opponent and Luger was a young kid who basically got betrayed by a pissed off and hungover Brody, just because Luger was the guy who was getting pushed at that point and Brody didn’t want to do business.  If you watch the video, you can see about 6:30 Luger basically turn to Fonzie in desperation and go “What the hell do I do now?” before fleeing the ring in terror all the way to millions of dollars in JCP.  It actually gets pretty tense to watch once Brody starts no-selling the punches and every fan should see it at least once.