Question of the Day

Back again, with another question of the day…

Most embarrassing moment, or the most embarrassed you’ve ever been to be a wrestling fan.

For me, it dates back to around 2001. I had a friend who was equally into wrestling as I was. I had another friend who thought pro-wrestling was a bit of a joke, and would give us shit for it. So, one day I’m at my friend’s house and we decide to watch Beyond the Mat. Well, the friend who would give us shit comes over, and what part does he happen to walk in during? While Dennis Fucking Stamp is in the middle of his workout, in case he’s booked again. My friend started laughing harder than I’d ever heard him laugh before. He then accused me and my friend of watching Gay Alcoholic Step-Dad Trampoline Porn every day for at least 6 months.

I hate Dennis Stamp.