Who started the fire?

Hey, Caliber. i had a question and was curious if you knew or anyone on the blog knew. i know Scotts email is backed up so i thought i’d jump to the head of the line and email you. Anyway, who actually started having music on their way to the ring? I’ve heard Hogan claim he did it with Eye of the Tiger. But of course you can’t trust anything The Hulkster says. 


For those out there, I’m more than happy to be your Express Check-Out in the email world, all single-men, cash only, no chit-chat. So long as you don’t mind not getting Scott’s opinion and just want it up for discussion.

Honestly, I have no idea. I heard the same about Hogan. Although I’ve heard Sgt. Slaughter claim he was the first, by coming out to the Marine Corp theme. Also, PS Hayes said that he and the Freebirds were the first.

So, can anyone nail it down?

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