Technical-ish notes

OK, couple of quick hits here tonight: 1)  Through the 411 archives and the Wayback Machine, I’ve managed to reconstruct 10 editions of the Feedback Feedbag and that’s all I can find.  Anything from Rantsylvania is gone due to the redirect because Wayback didn’t/couldn’t archive it, and there’s limited stuff available from via Wayback.  If you can find ANY editions saved on the web out there somewhere, send ‘em my way so I can 2013 Scott sez the shit out of them.  For reference, I’ve found a couple from June 2002, September 2002, and then the rest from the 411 archives between Jan 2003 and March 2003, when I apparently stopped doing them quite abruptly.  I used to do them literally every day in 2002, so I know there’s a bunch out there still. 2)  I noticed that the Wrestlemania Kindle edition was missing this year’s show, and also lacked a table of contents and pretty cover page, so I redid it and added those things.  I believe once it republishes your copy should auto-update.  3)  Yeah, I know, 10,000,000 is coming.  I have no idea what I want to do for a special prize for it.  It should come during Extreme Rules or at the very latest, RAW.  So I guess start thinking about what you want if you get it, and if it’s within my power via YouTube or whatever, I’ll try to get it reviewed.  Or if you want free copies of the Kindle books or something, I can hook you up with those too.1   1Offer not valid for the Fuj.