Random Summerslam 1991 Questions

Hey Scott,

I was watching Summerslam '91 last night (I know, I'm a glutton for punishment) and have a pair of nagging questions.

1.  What was the original goal with Sid supposed to be in the WWF?  He joined Hogan in the ring after the main event, posing with him to the cheers of the crowd in a moment that seemed designed to give him the Hulk seal of approval as a mega babyface.  Just another case of Hogan not willing to let anyone get over in the long run?

2.  Who were the wedding party for the Macho/Elizabeth wedding?  Now days a best man and maid of honor in a kayfabe wedding would surely be fellow WWE SUPERSTARS, but apart from Randy and Liz, I didn't recognize a single person in the ring.  On commentary it sounded as if Piper was going to identify them for a moment, but then he got distracted and never did.  Can you (or any blog readers) help?


1.  The original goal is what we got — Hulk Hogan v. heel Sid at Wrestlemania.  It was planned that way all along.
2.  No help from me, sorry.