TNA amazes me in that they seem to take even more steps backwards than WCW did. WCW never tried to compete with Raw for a few weeks, only to pull Nitro off the air all together and return to only airing Saturday Night and Worldwide.

That’s because Nitro immediately started beating RAW in the ratings and the owner of the company also owned the station it was airing on. 

WCW never cut back their Pay-Per-Views to four a year.

WCW made money on their PPVs almost until the end of the company.  TNA has never even hit the break-even point on theirs.  It makes no sense for TNA to continue running 12 PPVs a year for 8000 buys each. 

WCW never then ran meaningless Pay-Per-Views in their place which feature wrestlers who don’t wrestle on the roster, or wrestlers who are on the roster in matches that do not matter in the main storyline.

Those shows are for international TV commitments and have nothing to do with PPV business in the US. 

WCW’s NWO was much better booked in its first year than TNA’s pointless and meaningless Aces & Eights.

Yes, and…?

TNA is doing worse than spinning their wheels in the mud- they’re actually going backwards a few feet for every one foot they manage to lurch forward. It is only a matter of time before Panda Energy pulls their funding and Vince swoops in to buy the tape library and trademarks. Well; in that regard I guess TNA kind of is like WCW…

TNA has basically been at the same level for 6 years now and is one of the highest rated shows on Spike TV week after week.  WCW went from a nearly billion dollar wrestling company to total bankruptcy in the span of three years.  TNA isn’t challenging for #1 company any time soon, but they’re hardly on the verge of death either.  And if they do, they’ve already had a longer run than Bischoff’s WCW (93-2001) did.