24 to return for another season?

Hey Scott,

Since Kiefer's show 'Touch' just got cancelled, rumours are going around that 24 might come back. 
I liked the show, so I'm excited to hear it may come back. But on the other hand, it did come to an end.  
Often bringing stuff back just doesn't have the momentum it did, and maybe that's why it ended to begin with. Like in wrestling, lots of stables, gimmicks, feuds, get recycled and a lot of the time, they feel more like parodies of themselves, rather than fresh new ground.

What do you think about the '24' rumours? 

It was definitely time for the show to end when it did, although a heavily serialized show like that lends itself much better to Netflix than syndication, much like Lost.  So I can see where people who are just getting into it after streaming through all the seasons would be excited for more.  I dunno, I was pretty burned out on the show and the repetitive tropes and couldn't even get though the last season, but Kiefer will always be Jack Bauer to me and many others, so I understand why they'd want to go back to that well again.  Really though, how many times can Jack torture someone or prevent the kidnapping of the President or whatever?  They pretty much raised the stakes to the point where there's nothing more to be done with the characters.