NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #42

April 30, 2003
Lots of hype for tonight’s title match between Raven vs. Jeff Jarrett.
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay


Disciples of the New Church w/James Mitchell vs. Harris Brothers vs. Justin Credible & Perry Saturn vs. America’s Most Wanted
Saturn and Lee start out as Tenay and West tell us that over a thousand people were turned away for tonight’s show. Credible tags and poses before Don boots him down in a terrible looking spot. Storm tags in and they hit a double elbow smash on Don. Credible offers a hand but Storm clotheslines him. Slash tags and he and Storm have a nice sequence of moves. Slash tries a helicopter slam but Chris runs in and hits him with a spear. Lee tags and attacks AMW, looking as pale and skinny as ever. He tosses Harris outside where Ron bounces a chair off his head. In the ring, Chris is getting destroyed. He gets a small package on Saturn for two but gets killed with a clothesline. The ECW guys double team Harris for a bit. Chris tries to hulk up but Saturn sends him down with an elbow smash. Chris blocks a super kick from Credible and hits him with a DDT as both men are down. Hot tag to Storm and he goes after everyone. Bulldog on Saturn gets two. Enziguiri gets two as Slash breaks up the count. The Harris Brothers hit Slash with the H Bomb and that gets two. In the ring, AMW hit Credible with the Hart Attack then Storm hits Saturn with the Eight Second Ride but Slash breaks that up. Everything breaks down then Saturn hits Storm with the Death Valley Driver for the win (8:06) **.
Thoughts: Decent match. They were smart to have AMW stay in the ring for a majority of the time. Those guys were clicking so well at this time. Slash continues to look well and everyone else at least looked competent.
Goldylocks is with Glen Gilbertti. She applauds him for taking control of SEX but asks about Raven’s defection to Team Extreme. Gilbertti says he is not above slapping a woman who deserves it and calls Team Extreme a “bunch of drug addicts from the bingo hall.” Gilbertti promises that the NWA-TNA Heavyweight Championship will end up back in the SEX locker room.
West and Tenay run down the show, which features Raven vs. Jeff Jarrett for the NWA-TNA World Title and Amazing Red vs. Kid Kash for the X Division Title.
Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn. He says that he is sick of being the doormat of NWA-TNA and orders everyone to watch his match as they will see a whole new Jerry Lynn.
Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn
Before the match, Daniels accuses Lynn and Amazing Red of fooling the fans in thinking that they are the X Division dream team and says that if he wins the match tonight, Lynn will have to face all three members of XXX. Lynn says if he wins, they will defend the titles against one member of their choosing. Lynn knocks down Daniels immediately. He outsmarts Daniels for a bit then as Daniels skins the cat, he pushes him to the floor and takes him out with a pescado. In the ring, Lynn hits Daniels with a rana. Backbreaker gets two. Daniels sends a charging Lynn into the ropes with a drop toehold and takes control. Standing moonsault gets two. He stomps on Lynn in the corner until he fights back. Daniels escapes from a firemans carry and hits an enziguiri. Slingshot legdrop gets two. He covers him a few more times but Lynn keeps kicking out. Daniels then works a neck vise for a bit. Lynn escapes and hits a dropkick. He spears Daniels and uses mounted punching. German suplex gets two. Daniels hits a STO and both men are down. Daniels puts Lynn on top and flips him over, getting two. He goes for the BME but Lynn rolls away. He charges at Lynn but gets caught with a TKO and that gets two. Daniels counters a cradle piledriver attempt with a backdrop. He tries for the Angel’s Wings but Lynn rolls him up for the win (7:06) ***.  
Thoughts: Really good match that could have been great if given more time. Lynn did not appear to be any more aggressive than usual, so we didn’t see the new Jerry Lynn as promised. They seem to be re-establishing Lynn as a major player in the X Division.
Video package on Team Extreme.
Team Extreme and SEX argue about who Raven is with. I guess both sides forget that he has his own stable, the Gathering. TNA hopes that the viewers forgot about this too.
Sonny Siaki & David Young w/Desire vs. AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown
An insert promo of AJ pops up. He states that he will become the heavyweight champion. AJ and Siaki start things off. AJ hits a German suplex for two. Young tags and AJ takes him over with an armdrag. He hits a back suplex but walks into a right hand from Young. AJ dropkicks Young then D’Lo takes him down with a top rope clothesline. D’Lo beats on Young for a bit then AJ takes D’Lo off the top rope with a rana and he lands on Young. AJ covers and gets two. Rollup gets two. Neckbreaker gets two. AJ misses a dropkick and Young tags Siaki. AJ hits him with a dropkick but Desire slaps him. AJ fights off Siaki and hits a Phenomenon, which AJ Saved at the end from being completely botched and that gets two. Young takes down AJ with a clothesline from the apron and tags in. Powerslam gets two. Siaki tags and hits a half nelson suplex that gets two. The SEX guys use quick tags to neutralize AJ for a while. AJ hits a DDT and hot tag to D’Lo. He cleans house until Young hits a spinebuster. AJ breaks up the pin then hits Siaki with the Pele kick. Young hits him with a swinging slam as everyone is down. Young gets hit with a Sky High/neckbreaker combo. As Young is on the floor, AJ hits him with an incredible springboard shooting star press. That was perfect and a crazy move for sure. Desire grabs D’Lo but Siaki accidentally knocks her off  the apron. D’Lo backdrops Siaki and AJ catches him the Styles Clash followed by a frog splash from D’Lo for the win (9:13) **3/4. After the match, an insert promo of D’Lo airs and he states that he will beat whoever wins tonight’s title match.
Thoughts: Good match that was all action. AJ, who was hurt last week, looked awesome tonight. His springboard shooting star press was perfect too. The team of AJ & D’Lo is random and they work well as a duo but they are being pushed as threats to the Heavyweight Championship, not in the tag division.
Tenay is with Kilings and Konnan in an interview from earlier today. They hint at racism as Killings drops the f bomb a few times. Konnan asks why there are no black announcers in wrestling as Tenay brings up Jonathan Coachman. Konnan re-iterates that he said “black.” Tenay says that Konnan has to prove it in the ring. Konnan promises Tenay that they will see how he rolls as Killings swears some more before the segment ends. Konnan’s TNA character was so much better than what he was in WCW.
Security is shown carrying away a woman dressed in a school girl uniform who is near Lollipop’s dancer’s cage.
A Raven promo airs from the dark room with his candles. He talks about SEX and Team Extreme wanting him in their faction as he will soon be the champion. He then switches his attention to Jarrett, telling him that after he is praying for divine intervention after feeling the Raven Effect that it will hurt him inside. Great stuff from Raven.   
Elimination Match
Chris Sabin vs. Jason Cross vs. Sharkboy vs. Jimmy Rave
Rave and Cross start things off. They go back and forth for a bit until Cross flattens him with a super kick. He tags Sabin and Rave rolls him up and hits a clothesline. Running knee gets two. Shark Boy makes a blind tag and backdrops Rave to the floor before hitting a pescado. Sabin tries a running springboard move but he overshoots the ropes and slips and falls outside. Cross files out with a twisting planhca. In the ring, Rave eats boot on a charge and Shark Boy hits the Dead Sea Drop for the pin (2:44). Cross leaps off the top but gets dropkicked in mid-air. Cross then hits Shark Boy with a Test Drive for two. Shark Boy counters a suplex with a small package. Cross gets two off a brainbuster then roughs up Shark Boy some more. Cross floats over but Shark Boy hits a neckbreaker then tags Sabin. Cross gets a kick but is taken down with a boot for two. Sabin eats boot on a charge as Cross hits him with a corkscrew neckbreaker off the top. Cross misses the Crossfire and Sabin hits the Futureshock (Fisherman Buster) for the pin (6:24). Shark Boy hits Sabin with a jawbreaker and goes up top. Sabin rolls through a crossbody block and hits a catatonic into a  backbreaker, which gets two. Shark Boy manages a dropkick and gets a sunset flip for two. Sabin eats boot on a charge but hooks the rope on the DSD attempt and hits the Future Shock for the win (8:11) **1/4.
Thoughts: It was all action, although it was rough in spots. Sabin looked good and it’s nice to see him get a win but the crowd does not respond to him as they were rooting for Shark Boy.
Goldylocks is with Erik Watts. He has a bunch of weapons as says that his friend and drinking buddy, Jeff Jarrett, saved him last week. He talks up Jarrett as his best bud. Dusty Rhodes comes out and Erik calls him the man. Dusty says that Watts is full of shit and wants the NWA title. Watts puts it on his shoulder and praises Dusty, with no mention of Watts throwing a duffle bag off his neck two weeks ago. Watts was doing comedy and it wasn’t that great.
Highlights from last week’s number one contender match between Amazing Red and Jerry Lynn are shown as well as Kid Kash going up against Trinity.
Goldylocks is backstage with Kid Kash. He says that he owns Trinity and that she is at home in New York City suspended without pay. He guarantees that when she comes back, her attitude will change. Kash then hits on Goldy before calling Red a “little prick” before comparing him to a hemorrhoid that will not go away. Kash is one awesome heel.
X Division Championship Match
Amazing Red vs. Kid Kash (Champion)
West questions if Red can ever get the belt. Both men lock up and end up spilling out onto the floor. They brawl for a bit before going back into the ring where they engage in a sloppy looking sequence of typical X Division moves. Red dodges a baseball slide but misses a plancha and Kash bounces a chair off his head. He tosses Red back in the ring and gets two off a top rope clothesline. Swinging neckbreaker gets two. The crowd chants for Red who then runs into a clothesline. The crowd is all over Kash as he has Red in a Boston Crab that he ends up turning into a powerbomb. Kash goes outside and swears at the fans before going back and beating on Red, who ends up fighting back. He connects on a spinkick but Kash catches him in a wheelbarrow and turns that into an overhead suplex, which gets two. The crowd is really into the match as Kash is destroying Red. Kash locks on the Camel Clutch and gouges the eyes. Kash starts to yell at the crowd some more then they do a pinfall reversal sequence. Red hits a cartwheel kick as both men are down. They nearly botch the Code Red and Red gets two on that. Red lands on the apron after a backdrop and hits a springboard missile dropkick. He gets the 718 then a springboard elbow, which gets two. Red eats boot on a charge and Kash hits a double springboard senton and takes out Red and the Ref. They fight over a backslide as the ref is woozy. The masked luchador runs in and hits Kash with an inverted DDT and Red has him rolled up for about twenty seconds as the ref finally comes to and counts to three. (9:18) **1/4. The crowd was deflated after the botch finished.
Thoughts: The match had a lot of heat although both guys were sloppy. The ending was atrocious as the ref fucked up badly and was way out of position, which happened an awful lot in early TNA. Red finally winning the belt should have been an awesome moment but the fans were completely turned off by the botched finish.
Various TNA guys are asked their opinions on the Raven vs. Jarrett match.
The same girl from earlier drags Lollipop out of the cage and starts to dance. Lollipop says she has had enough and grabs the mic from Borash. She calls the girl a “two dollar ho” and cuts a pretty bad promo on her, stating she knows all about T&A and wants a fight. The girl stops dancing and heads towards the ring. They then have a catfight as the refs break it up, to the fans dismay.
Another video on the Raven and Jarrett feud.
Teany and West plug “Anarchy in the Asylum” next week, which is another name for the “Gauntlet for the Gold.” West says that pinfalls will count anywhere and that the winner will face the winner of the main event for the title. Tenay says that wrestlers from WWE, WCW, ECW, Mexico, and Japan will be in that match.
Split-screen shot of Raven and Jarrett warming up in the locker room.
Video package on Jeff Jarrett.
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Raven w/ Alexis & Julio vs. Jeff Jarrett (Champion)
Both men lock up to start. Raven hits a shoulderblock and a hiptoss, which causes about two-thirds of the crowd to applaud. The action goes outside as Jarrett is flinging Raven all over the place. Back in the ring, Alexis distracts the ref as Julio comes into the ring with a chair. He accidentally hits Raven then Jarrett sends him to the floor with a clothesline. Jarrett then takes out Julio and Alexis with a pescado but that allows Raven to hit him with a pescado of his own. He sends Jarrett into the steps with a drop toehold as we see blood pour from his forehead. The Gathering set up a table and Raven set him up as both men are now bleeding. Raven goes up top but Jarrett escapes and rolls into the ring. Raven hits him with a forearm smash that gets two. Both men continue to bleed buckets as Julio hands a chair to Raven. Jarrett fights back but gets sent into the chair with a drop toehold and that gets two. He drives his knee into Jarrett’s back then puts on a chinlock. Jarrett fights out but runs into a knee. Raven stomps away then catches him with a sleeper. The crowd is still split between both men as Jarrett is on the mat. He gets to his feet and uses a jawbreaker to escape the hold. Both men are down for a bit and when they get up, Jarrett wins a slugfest. He dropkicks Julio off the apron then catches Alexis and slams her on the mat. Oh man, that looked painful. Jarrett escapes a DDT attempt and hits an enziguiri, getting two. Jarrett catapults Raven into the corner and rolls him up for two. That looked bad. Raven hits a superkick and gets two. They hit their finishers but cant put each other away. Jarrett clotheslines Raven to the floor and falls outside with him. He positions Raven on the table but Julio cuts him off at the top. Jarrett shoves him off and he puts Raven through the table with an elbow. Back in the ring, Jarrett hits a DDT but Julio pulls the ref out of the ring. The ref kicks out the Gathering but then gets knocked off the apron. Raven goes low on Jarrett as the ref is out on the floor. All of a sudden, SEX and the New Church start brawling on the floor. Team Exreme come out and beat on Jarrett with weapons shots. Saturn gives Raven handcuffs as they cuff him in the middle of the ring. New Jack and Sandman hold chairs up to Jarrett’s head as Saturn and Credible hit him with superkicks, resembling a Conchairto. Raven waits for the still handcuffed Jarrett to get up as the lights go out. When they come back on, Sabu appears and hits Raven with a chair and then Poetry in Motion. Sabu takes out Team Extreme with a double springboard senton. Raven hammers away on Jarrett then grabs the chair. Jarrett dodges a chairshot and Raven gets hit with the chair as it rebounds off the ropes. Jarrett covers and gets two. Bill Behrens brings out a universal as the ref tries to unlock the cuffs. Raven takes the keys and unlocks Jarrett. He hits the Raven Effect on the chair but Jarrett manages to kick out. That is fucking ridiculous. Raven goes out of his mind and tries it again but Jarrett reverses and hits the Stroke for the win (17:33) ***1/2. Some of the fans start throwing garbage in the ring as they are not satisfied with the finish. Dusty comes in the ring as Jarrett and him celebrate together.
Thoughts: Terrible ending aside, this was a good match. Some of the brawling was sloppy but it was all action and never dull. The ending was just the absolute worst thing they could have done. Booking Jarrett like Superman will never, ever get over. It also made Raven seem weak, having Jarrett kick out of the Raven Effect on a chair was ludicrous, and sets him up for a feud with Sabu. The wrong man definitely went over and the crowd made sure to let them know.
Final Thoughts: The end of this show left a bad taste in your mouth. Also, they almost killed Raven as a serious threat to the title. Now, they are stuck with D’Lo Brown and AJ Styles as the main contenders. At least Styles is worthy but D’Lo is a poor choice to say the least. With no viable main eventers in the heavyweight division and no heels left in the X Division, the champs have no credible challengers for their belts. This company is going in the wrong direction.