WM 26 question

Hi Scott

Was the original plan for this event always Shawn/Taker 2?
I remember watching a Raw in the UK late 09 and Taker tombstoned Cena after a match – it seemed they were setting up for that to a lot of people at the time with the break-up of DX being the second big match.
Did plans change when Shawn decided WM26 would be his last match and he wanted his greatest opponent one more time? Or did they just come up with a great idea (careers vs streak) and go with that? 

I do vaguely remember it seeming like it was going in the direction you described, but Shawn-Taker was always the plan as far as I know.  It was especially jarring with Shawn going from HHH's wacky sidekick to serious challenger to Undertaker's streak, not to mention costing him the World title to Jericho.  But we definitely knew a pretty long ways out that Shawn was getting Undertaker.