Moves that should be finishers but aren’t

Hi Scott,

Watching the Kofi/Cesaro match from RAW, it reinforced my belief that Cesaro's European uppercut should be enough to put an opponent away, especially when he does it while diving at his opponent or while the opponent is coming at him, either from the turnbuckle or when Cesaro launches him into the air and then catches him as he comes back down.

Can you think of any moves (current or from days gone by) that by all rights were believable as finishers (both in terms of impact and visual presentation)  but aren't?  I think Cesaro's Eurpean uppercut is a perfect example of something that fits both criteria, since he delivers it with believable "oomph" while it at the same time is visually stunning and can come from out of nowhere.

Ooh, intriguing one.  Although in "yesteryear" guys would beat jobbers with all sorts of crazy shit just for fun, so generally any wacky move you can name has been a finisher at some point.  

Off the top of my head, Haku's thrust kick always should have been, although it kind of developed into one in the later stages of the King Haku gimmick, but it didn't have the same impact as he did when he was with the Islanders. I always thought that the Edge-O-Matic could have had potential as a finisher.  Goldberg had a bunch of random cool stuff he used to do, like the press slam into the snap powerslam, which was honesty kind of wasted when everyone only wanted the spear and jackhammer anyway.  Scott Steiner's Screwdriver is basically the most awesomest finisher ever invented but he did it so infrequently (due to, you know, not wanting to maim his opponent) that it's hard to think it could have lasted as a true finisher.  
But you're right though, that uppercut is really something else, and if Cesaro ever gets to win another match I hope he uses it as a finish.