WWF Championship Wrestling September 22, 1984

September 22, 1984
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
We are back in Poughkeepsie for these tapings.
Howard Finkel introduces Bruno, who makes his entrance down the aisle and to the booth. He is now Vince’s new color commentator.


Ron Shaw vs. Junkyard Dog
This is JYD’s first appearance on Championship Wrestling. He comes out to “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen. Shaw attacks JYD as he enters the ring but that doesn’t last long as JYD knocks him down. They brawl for a bit outside the ring and JYD rolls inside and plays to the crowd. He hits a half-assed atomic drop, not even bothering to stick his knee out, then grabs a chinlock. Shaw escapes and bites JYD’s forehead but gets taken down with a headutt. JYD picks him up and hits the powerslam for the win (2:46).
Thoughts: JYD sucked in the ring but the fans reacted well enough to him. Vince put him over a lot on commentary.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. He is in the event center for this segment. The topic is Hulk Hogan and him going back to Minnesota. They show the entrance for his match at the Met Centre against David Schultz.
A plug of the WWF Magazine.
Steve Lombardi vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz
Schultz offers a handshake to start things off. They do some matwork and Schultz overpowers Lombardi. Schultz refuses to break cleanly and hits Lombardi with a suplex. He hits a back elbow smash then a slam after Lombardi misses a charge. Schultz goes to the second rope and drops an elbow for the win (2:50).
Thoughts: Nothing new here as Schultz is floundering at this point. He hasn’t been on TV all that much in the past few months.
Gene Okerlund is with Dick Murdoch and Capt. Lou Albano.  They are plugging the six-man tag at MSG against Sgt. Slaughter and the Wild Samoans. Adonis is part of the match but not here during the interview. The MSG card took place the day this show aired. Albano was funny, as usual.
Aldo Marino & Rusty Brooks & Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Fabulous Freebirds w/David Woolf
Sharpe is holding a sign from the crowd that states he is not a wimp. Gordy and Brooks start off as Hayes and Woolf are clapping and circling the ring. Gordy kills Brooks with a clothesline. He hits a slam then slams his own head off the turnbuckle. Roberts tags and hits an eblow smash off the top rope. Marino tags and Roberts beats on him before tagging Hayes. Gordy tags in and catches Marino after a backdrop and hits the piledriver for the win (2:07). After the match, Cyndi Lauper comes into the ring and they all celebrate the victory. Hayes and Lauper then dance up the aisle.
Thoughts: The TV debut for the Freebirds. The crowd wasn’t that into them though. Lauper’s appearance got the loudest reaction of the show. Wolff would get booed out of the building if this was 2013. He looks like the biggest douchebag to ever step into a ring. The focused more on Hayes than anyone else.
Gene Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan. Hulk says that the dumbells were talking to him at the gym and that Jesse Ventura is no match for him. Okerlund did a great job playing off of Hulk’s craziness.
“Cowboy” Bob Orton vs. Joe Mascara
Orton grounds Mascara to start. Mascara takes Orton down and works the arm for a bit. Orton takes control and hits a backbreaker. He stomps him then drags him outside and slams his head off the guardrail. Orton pulls Mascara on the apron and they mess up a suplex spot. Orton then has difficulty placing Mascara on top for the superplex and eventually hits it for the win (3:28).
Thoughts: The last minute fell apart and Orton seemed pissed. Mascara was a longtime WWWF jobber. This match got next to nothing in terms of crowd response.
Piper’s Pit with Iron Mike Sharpe. Piper brings up how people call Sharpe a wimp, which sets him off Piper settles him down and has his producers set up two boards for Sharpe to break. He is about to break the boards then walks off saying he has nothing to prove to the people. Piper was fantastic here and the segment worked well with the crowd.
“Gentleman” Jerry Valiant vs. David Sammartino
This is the debut for Bruno’s son, who is not a tall man either. He puts him over by stating he has wrestling all over the world for the past few years so he could be ready before starting in the WWF. The crowd couldn’t care less about him. Sammartino hits a few armdrags and works the arm. Brutus Beefcake comes out and watches the match as Valiant hits a slam. Sammartino hits another armdrag and goes back to the arm as Vince tells us that all the managers are trying to sign Beefcake. Sammartino hits a few more armdrags and shortly after that, catches Valiant with a powerslam for the win (2:47).
Thoughts: The match was nothing and Sammartino’s debut bombed. All he did was hit a bunch of armdrags. He doesn’t even have one percent of the charisma that his father had in the ring.
Terry Daniels vs. Nikolai Volkoff w/Freddie Blassie
This is from the Canadian TV tapings. Volkoff starts with the Russian National Anthem. Volkoff pummels Daniels to start. He catches him with a knee then drops him throat first on the ropes. Volkoff gets a flying stomp before Daniels makes a comeback. He hits a few dropkicks before Volkoff catches him and drop shim on the top rope. He then hits him with two backbreakers and stomps him repeatedly until Sgt. Slaughter comes out. Volkoff punches him off the apron and rams his head off the ringpost. Volkoff knocks Slaughter down again before beating on Daniels. Sarge goes into the ring and beats on Volkoff, causing the ref to ring the bell for the DQ (3:50). Iron Sheik comes in and both men are stomping Slaughter. The fans are pelting the ring with trash as several jobbers run out to break things up.
Thoughts: This was the end of Terry Daniels in the WWF. He flopped as the Cobra Corps inductee and never connected with the crowd. They just saw him as a nobody and he got his ass kicked the entire match. Slaughter would go on as a singles wrestler until leaving at the end of the year.
Gene Okerlund is with Jesse Ventura. He calls Hulk “Chump Hogan” and says he will lose the belt in the same place that he won it. Hogan stands for good and he stands for evil, according to him. This match never took place due to Jesse suffering a pulmonary embolism. Big John Studd took the place of Ventura in a match that saw Bobby Heenan make his WWF debut by shoving Studd in the ring so he could get the victory by countout. By the way, that MSG show was an awful one. I was going to review it but will instead wait until the one from November, which had a better card.
Vince asks Bruno about his son, who states he was proud. Next week, Roddy Piper vs. Jimmy Snuka from MSG is the featured bout, along with Sgt. Slaughter and Kamala in action.
Final Thoughts: The second taping from Poughkeepsie was nowhere near as loud as the first. The crowd was dead halfway through the show. The matches were back to being a couple of minutes and besides the debuts, nothing else exciting happened.