Flair in WCW in 1994

Hey Scott,

How you doing? Long time reader here.
Question – we know that when Hogan was brought into WCW in 1994 they hastily booked a heel turn for then champion Flair to wrestle Hogan etc. What was the original long term plan for Flair as champion had Hogan not come into the picture? How long would  they have gone with babyface Flair as champion, who would he be booked against and what would be the endgame? I'm guessing he would have turned on Sting just for the hell of it, but any knowledge of what was the actual plan? 

There was no "plan" for Flair as champion, the plan was Sid as champion all year but obviously that got fucked up, which resulted in Flair getting the belt at Starrcade.  Plus once Flair got the belt they knew Hogan was coming in, so what you see is what they probably wanted.