CM Punk mouthing off again

Thoughts on this? Seems like Punk might be pushing his luck a bit backstage. If he wasn't an Internet darling and so damn good I have a feeling a lot of your readers would be starting to compare him to other malcontents. To me, the real question is: How long does Vince put up with this?

Until Punk stops making him money.  And given the downward trend of the ratings after Wrestlemania and touchy investors, that puts the ball firmly in Punk's court.  Plus the dude is SERIOUSLY banged up and needs time off, so good for him.  I wish more guys would stand up for themselves like that instead of (rightly) being so terrified of getting buried and forgotten if they take two weeks off to heal a broken arm.  
By the way, according to the last issue of Figure Four, those who bet the "under" on Wrestlemania's buyrate might be celebrating.  So there's that too.