BOD Daily Round-Up (4/16/13)

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What happened after Raw went off the air

Wrestlers fight for title opportunity in shock new format
WWE Main Event has it going on, people –

How long was Cesaro’s US Title ‘reign’?
Well, here’s a clue – it began at Summerslam – Wrestlezone

@RealGeorgieBoy – You know goes out there every week like “Boo me, but you’re buying the shit out of my merch. Thanks for the money, slobs.”

@DeadmanDRB – Vince McMahon said is “more miserable and harder to deal with than HBK when he was on drugs” –

Comment of the Day 
Kenola was not Fandango’ing during the man’s segment on Raw last night, and here’s why:

Congratulations WWE, once again you killed off a potential star you stumbled on by trying to pretend this Fandangoing explosion was all some masterful design on the part of the writers. It took The Rock a LONG time to even acknowledge the fact that the fans were catching on to his gimmick and he resisted for a long time after that. Fandango should have come out there and told everyone to quit singing his music and dancing because they’re stupid and can’t do it nearly as well as he can. Naturally the fans would do it even more to piss him off to spite him. Now that WWE is like HEY LOOK WE CREATED THIS FANDANGOING PHENOMENON the fans are going to sit on their hands because WWE stole what was rightly theirs.

On This Day…
Triple H defeated Jeff Hardy to win the Intercontinental title on Monday Night Raw. (2001)

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