Shawn in 1995 Question

Hi Scott.

Got one I was hoping you might be able to shed zsome light on.

If Shawn Michaels never got injured in 95, where does that lesve the IC Title? Obviously, we know the injury led to a chain ending with Goldust getting it at the Rumble…but say Shawn didn't get beat up. Does he carry the titlr all the way to WM, or what?

I hate to shatter your illusions, but Shawn was already gonna drop that belt to Dean Douglas and it was only the very well-timed attack by the marines (Cena?  Dibiase Jr? Miz?) that allowed him to conveniently forfeit it like a hero instead.  Not that I would insinuate Shawn Michaels fabricating an injury in order to avoid losing a title in the ring, but…OK, that's exactly what I'm insinuating.